Sheriff's Office Offers 'Surviving an Active Shooter' Presentations

Sheriff’s Office Offers ‘Surviving an Active Shooter’ Presentations

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Aurora, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office will offer free, two-hour presentations throughout March for anyone who wants to know what to do in an active-shooter situation.

Sheriff Ron Hain said an updated schedule of classes will be posted on the Sheriff’s Office website, but added that the program would be offered at any venue for large groups.

“Now is the time for Kane County to memorialize a horrific event by better preparing ourselves so we may never suffer a similar tragedy,” Hain said.

Since 2007, Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Williams has conducted active shooter presentations across Kane County to raise awareness and provide tactical preparedness direction to businesses, schools, and churches.

Hain said he is encouraging every adult in Kane County to take advantage of this service.

“The recent tragedy in Aurora is continued proof that firearm violence is possible anywhere in our community,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Office will be hosting multiple two hour presentations in the month of March. The program will be open only to adults, due to the presentation’s graphic video content.

Lt. Kevin Williams

The program is also made available for large groups at your preferred location by emailing Williams at

The Sheriff’s Office will also present options for active shooter first aid kits to be stored in your church, school, or place of business.

Hain also reminded businesses that deputies are available for scheduling on standby for circumstances that may become hostile, such as human resource action and employee removal.

To schedule a deputy for standby support, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Records Division at 630-232- 6840.

SOURCE: Kane County Sheriff’s Office news release