Personalized Sample Ballots Now Available For April 2 Election!

Personalized Sample Ballots Now Available For April 2 Election!

  • Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series pointing out where to find the candidate names and referendums that will appear on the April 2 Consolidated Election ballot. Kane County Connects encourages citizens to take part in the election process and to seek multiple sources to inform their voting decisions.

Let’s face facts.

The April 2 Consolidated Election in Kane County is as important as any election in which you’ll participate — and arguably more so, because it concerns the local races and referendums, and the decisions you make will most directly impact your quality of life.

From nine local referendums — which involve everything from library and school building bonds to fire district services and tax rates to video gaming — to mayor and village president, school district, park district and library district leadership, what you decide on April 2, 2019, will affect your property tax rates, the conditions of roads, the quality of your kids’ education and services you count on every day, from snow removal to garbage pickup.

But local elections also are traditionally the ones in which fewer voters turn out at the polls. And that means those who do vote have a responsibility to understand the issues and candidates’ positions.

The Catch 22 for voters, of course, is that there are a sea of local elections and candidates to sort through — and information is harder to find than it is during the ubiquitous and in-your-face presidential, congressional and state campaigns.

One tool that can really help is the personalized sample ballots provided by the Kane County Clerk’s Office. By finding your personal ballot, you’ll be able to narrow your focus to the contests that count, do your research on the candidates and issues and make informed decisions at the polls.

Here’s a quick “how to” on where to look and how to navigate the website to find your sample ballot:

How Do I Find My Sample Ballot?

Finding your sample ballot in Kane County is easy.

(1) Go to the homepage.

(2) Click on the box the reads “Election”.

That will take you to another page (a part of which is shown below)  that has a variety of links to election-related topics, from Election Results to Vote by Mail and Early Voting Stats.

(3) Click on the Sample Ballots link.

That will open a “Voter Search” page.

(4) Fill in your name, house number and street name.

Remember to just type in your street name only. For example, “Downing” rather than “Downing Place”.

Click “submit” and you’ll see a list of voters in your household:

(4) Click on Your Name

You will then see a “Voter Information” page, which contains information about your voting status, polling places and more.


(5) Find “Sample Ballot” with a ballot code.

We blew up the size a bit, so you can see the link. It is located just above “Current Districts” and below “Polling Place/Voting Locations.”

The ballot code GE0018-248 you see in this example is for a Geneva polling place. Obviously, your ballot code number will be different.

Click on the ballot code link.

(6) Peruse your personalized sample ballot!

Keep in mind that there are different races and referendums, depending on where you live and what ballot you choose.

East side of Geneva sample ballots looks like this:

The sample ballot is in PDF form, so you can download, print and peruse at your leisure.

It’s that easy!

After you’ve looked at your sample ballot, all you have to do is  …

(7) Go vote!

Keep in mind, there are options for early voting, as well. Visit for more information on early voting.

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