County Seeks Vendor To Provide Jail-Inmate Body Scanner — Feb. 20 Bid Deadline

County Seeks Vendor To Provide Jail-Inmate Body Scanner — Feb. 20 Bid Deadline

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain has proposed an array of changes at the Kane County jail in order to improve security, cut down on recidivism and prevent opioids from getting into the jail.

Body scanners are used at airport security.

Now, the county is seeking a vendor to provide a full body scanner that can detect external and internal contraband and concealed objects on offenders or visitors to the Kane County Adult Corrections Facility, located in St. Charles.

Prevailing Wage Rates apply for the installation of new equipment. This is an all-inclusive purchase contract.

The Kane County Adult Justice Center is located at 37W755A IL. Route 38, St. Charles, IL 60175. The average daily detainee residents at the jail for FY2018 period was approximately 500 in Fiscal Year 2018 (December 2017 to November 2018).

What Vendors Need To Know

The specifications and requirements are considered the minimum requirements for the full body scanner, including functions and operations, quality and workmanship, warranty and maintenance support that meet industrial standard.

The vendor’s expertise in method of product innovation, cost reduction and process modification for a better technology and performance that meets the county’s objective are encouraged.

Vendors shall include with their bid response a detailed drawing and complete specifications of their proposed full body scanner.

The scanner unit shall be in compliance and verified to meet operations and safety standards, applicable regulations per (ANSI or other governmental guideline) ensuring a secure and safe environment to the Kane County Sheriff’s Facility.)

Technical Specifications And Feature

The following minimum requirements are used solely for the purpose of establishing the minimum standard for quality, performance and functions of the full body scanner and are not to be construed as restrictive. Vendors shall furnish and  deliver one complete full body scanner.

This is a generic image of a body scanner. It is not intended as a model for bid specifications.

These basic requirements are as follows:

  • The full body scanner must have the capability to detect multiple objects, contrabands and threats concealed internally (ingested) or externally (hidden) on the body, inside body cavity, clothing, shoes, and etc.
  • Vendor shall list all materials, contrabands, and threats or any objects considered as dangerous that their system can detect.
  • Scan time to meet industrial standard and shall not exceed 15 second per scan.
  • Load capacity (if moving system) not to be less than 450 pounds.
  • Capable of scanning head to toe with short inspection cycle and accurate image revelation.
  • Optimal image processing and operation software with advance functions (back up/storage) and applicable options.
  • Low dose inspection per radiation safety standard.
  • Quick setup for ease of moving and installation.
  • Flexible operation and solutions for a comprehensive user friendly, provide optimal image resolution, features and options design to provide flexibility and ease of operation to end-user.
  • Provide multiple level of operation security (login, password, etc.).
  • Low fault alarm in transmission of image and scanning method, proven reliable and effective for scanned image detections.
  • Ability to print, delete, archive, generate reports and audit of scanned images.
  • Viewing options – Vertical, full body, comprehensive or multiple image viewing angles and densities, quick re-set or erase of scan image.
  • Workstation, monitor, keyboard, control center, and system manual as applicable.
  • Standard warranty with full description and provision.

Training and Support

The awarded Vendor shall provide a minimum of three three days of on-site comprehensive training and shall be by a certified trainer or as requested by the Sheriff’s Office.

Minimum training shall include system application and operation, basic radiation safety for employees and operators, and complete image evaluation training.

Best Bid

It is the intention of Kane County to make a single award to the most responsive and responsible bidder providing the lowest pricing meeting the specifications and contract requirements.

Vendors interested in receiving the specifications can contact the Purchasing Department at

Questions pertaining to the bid should be directed to the Purchasing Office by FAX to 630-208-5107 or email no later than Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019.

Bid responses are due in the Purchasing Office, located in the Government Center, Second Floor, on Monday, February 25, 2019 before 2:30 p.m.   Late bids are not accepted. (link for the Public Bid Notice)

SOURCE: Kane County Purchasing Department news release