Waubonsee Expands, 'Reinvigorates' Corporate Training Program

Waubonsee Expands, ‘Reinvigorates’ Corporate Training Program

Waubonsee Community College announced this week that it has expanded and “reinvigorated” its corporate training program — offering a greater variety of customized solutions to help businesses, local governments and non-profit organizations thrive in 2019.

“Your company’s success relies on the accomplishments of each individual employee and your workforce as a whole,” WCC says on its corporate training web page. “For updating fundamental skills and providing advanced training opportunities, Waubonsee is a valuable resource.”

In some ways, “corporate” training is a misnomer. While the program is geared to help businesses thrive, it’s also a powerful tool for local governments, school districts, park districts and philanthropic organizations of all sizes.

The hard truth is that many businesses and units of government have “skills gaps” and are not as efficient as they can or should be in providing training for their employees.

According to Career Builder, employment skills gaps cost companies almost $1 million annually, and U.S. Labor Force statistics show that nearly 60 percent of U.S. employers have job openings that stay vacant for 12 weeks or longer.

Waubonsee’s Corporate Training Program now offers a variety of training services to fill those gaps, develop individual talent and broadly improve efficiencies.

The first step, typically, is to conduct a needs assessment to determine skills gaps and other training needs. Once needs are identified, Waubonsee provides customized business solutions in the following areas to help employers retrain and further employees’ skills:

  • Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
  • Business and Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • American Heart Association
  • Computer Software
  • Online Options

Waubonsee also provides various Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifications and training in HeartSaver First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator, and Mental Health First Aid.

The training team also offers active shooter workshops and seminars focusing on soft skill development round out our curriculum.

Programs can be delivered at the place of business, or at one of Waubonsee’s four campuses with the flexibility and efficiency that businesses need.

Waubonsee’s Training Team has worked with more than 56 employers in just this past year.

“These solutions not only keep folks in the workforce by making good workers even better, they eliminate the cost and time needed to recruit, hire, and train new employees,” organizers said.

Organizations interested in working with a driving force and leader in workforce education can contact Waubonsee’s Corporate Training team at train@waubonsee.edu.

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