UPDATE: Aurora Police Share Images of $340,000 Jared Jewelry Store Robbery

UPDATE: Aurora Police Share Images of $340,000 Jared Jewelry Store Robbery

The Aurora Police Department has released photos taken from the security video at Jared Jewelry in the 1000 block of N. Route 59 in hopes the public can help in a continuing investigation of the Dec. 21 jewelry robbery.

According to the APD, at around 7:40 p.m. that day, three men, all of whom had their faces concealed, entered the store.

One of the men acted as a lookout while the other two announced the robbery and proceeded to smash two glass display cases. The pair then grabbed jewelry items from the cases and fled westbound on foot. There were no injuries.

The total dollar loss exceeded $340,000.

(CREDIT: Google Maps)

The suspects were all described as black men wearing dark clothing. One of the men who broke into the display cases was further described as around 6 feet 2 inches tall, 240 pounds. The other was said to be around 5 feet 10 inches and thin.

There was no further description of the man who acted as a lookout.

The store is located in the DuPage County portion of Aurora.

If you have any information, Aurora police ask that you call the Investigations Unit at 630-256-5500 or Aurora Area Crime Stoppers at 630-892-1000.

You can now talk to someone at Crime Stoppers around the clock, and if your anonymous tip leads to an arrest, you qualify for a cash reward.

SOURCE: Aurora Police Department Facebook page