KDOT January Update: LMP Bridge Construction To Start in Spring

KDOT January Update: LMP Bridge Construction To Start in Spring

The Kane County Division of Transportation announced in its January update that bridge construction for the Longmeadow Parkway is set to start this spring.

There’s still a long way to go before the bridge is operational. Presently, the target date for completion of the bridge is November 2020.

Other projects getting attention during the winter months include retaining walls and lagging for various sections of the Longmeadow Parkway and finishing touches on the Huntley Road at Galligan Road Intersection Improvement.

LMP Bridge Corridor — Section B-2

White Chapel Lane to East of IL 31

Crews continue placing soil and grading the Raging Buffalo site and the areas adjacent to IL Route 31, as the weather allows.

The contractor continues work on the two retaining walls on the project. Storm sewer installation and utility relocation are still ongoing. Mass grading and earthwork on the project will continue, as weather allows.

Anticipated project completion is November 2019.

Snow may slow, but doesn’t stop the contractor from placing lagging (horizontal timbers between the steel piles) for the retaining wall along the proposed new roadway on the LMP B-2.

New LMP Bridge — Section C1

Over The Fox River From East of IL 31 to Sandbloom Road

Despite the winter weather, tree clearing and erosion control measures are nearly complete, while the bulk of road and bridge construction will start spring 2019.

Completion date is November 2020.

LMP Bridge Corridor — Section D

East of IL 25 to IL 62 And Along IL 62

Crews work on lagging (horizontal timbers between the steel piles) for the retaining wall along IL Route 62 as part of the LMP Section D – E/O IL 25 to IL 62 contract.

The contractor is working around the weather on a retaining wall adjacent to IL Route 62. Other tasks will begin as weather and project conditions improve.

Anticipated project completion is June 2019.

Huntley at Galligan Intersection Improvement

Crews await the last pole and mast arm assembly which is expected soon on the Huntley Road at Galligan Road Intersection Improvement.

The contractor is waiting on mast arm and pole delivery likely to occur before the end of January. Installation will immediately follow delivery.

Project completion is anticipated for spring 2019 in order to address landscaping.

What Else Is KDOT Working On?

Here is the status of Kane County highway improvement projects that were recently awarded a construction contract or are still are in the design phase, and require right-of-way acquisition or additional funding before moving to construction:

  • Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor — The status for the various sub-sections of Section C are as follows:
    • C-2 (Sandbloom/Williams to IL Route 25) targeting IDOT’s Sept. 20, 2019, letting dependent upon right-of-way acquisition. (Four parcels remain.)
    • C-3 (IL Route 25 intersection) bids opened by IDOT at its Nov. 9, 2018, letting.
    • C-4 Toll Collection System targeting 2020 local letting.
  • Bliss Road/Fabyan Parkway/Main Street Road — Phase II engineering is under way.
  • Bunker Road Extension, Keslinger Road to LaFox Road — Phase II engineering and right-of-way acquisition are ongoing.
  • Dauberman Road Extension, Granart Road to U.S. 30 — Phase I engineering is complete and the locally funded portion of PE II has started.
  • Fabyan Parkway at Kirk Road — Right-of-way acquisition is complete. Targeting IDOT’s Jan. 18 letting.
  • Kirk Road Over Union Pacific Railroad, Metra and Tyler Creek — PE I is ongoing.
  • Kirk Road, IL Route 56 to Cherry Lane HSIP — Targeting IDOT’s Jan. 18 letting.
  • Main Street Road Over Blackberry Creek And at IL Route 47 — IDOT is the lead agency for the ongoing PE II and right-of-way acquisition.
  • Randall Road at Weld Road/U.S. 20 – Phase II engineering is nearing completion. Targeting IDOT’s March 8 letting.
  • Randall Road, Huntley Road to Big Timber Road Adaptive Signal Control Combined With Stage 3 HSIP Randall Road from North County Line to Silver Glen Road — Bids opened by IDOT at their Nov. 9, 2018 letting
  • Stage 2 HSIP Fabyan Pkwy, Kaneville Road to Raddant Road and Randall/Orchard Road, Fabyan Parkway to Jericho Road — Phase II engineering is complete. Targeting IDOT’s Jan. 18 letting.
  • Stearns Road (Stage 5A) at Randall Road/McDonald Road — Phase II engineering is complete. Targeting IDOT’s Jan. 18, 2019 letting.
  • Various Engineering Projects — There are more 60 active projects in various stages of completion. Please contact our office if you have a question on the status of another project.

For all Kane County traffic advisories, visit the Traffic Alerts Page of the KDOT website.

Work Zone Safety Alert

Drivers in this project area should be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, watch for construction workers and construction vehicles entering or leaving the site, and obey flaggers and other traffic control devices within the work zone.

Drivers should expect delays and may want to add additional time to their commutes and consider the use of alternate routes while this work is completed.

Kane County reminds drivers that is illegal to talk on a cell phone or text while driving through a highway construction work zone. The minimum penalty for spe­eding in a work zone is $375.

Click this link to find out how Kane County Drivers can “make zero fatalities a reality.”