In The Courts: Theft, Other Charges Dropped Against Aurora Woman

In The Courts: Theft, Other Charges Dropped Against Aurora Woman

Kane County prosecutors have dismissed criminal charges against an Aurora woman accused in 2014 of theft and related alleged offenses.

Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon on Friday (Jan. 11, 2019) asked the court to dismiss charges against Maria Campos of Aurora for the offenses of theft and public contractor misconduct. Circuit Judge Clint Hull granted the request.

The charges followed an investigation that began in 2012 into allegations of financial discrepancies in a senior assistance program in Aurora.

However, further investigation revealed that Ms. Campos was not as culpable as the original evidence suggested, which led to the decision to dismiss the case against her.

“First and foremost, we are obligated to seek justice. As part of that obligation, we work with police to keep investigations active after the filing of charges to assure that we have all relevant facts,” McMahon said.

“As we continued to review this case and apply the law to all of the facts, it became clear that we cannot in good faith proceed with this prosecution. The just decision in this case is to dismiss the charges against Ms. Campos.”

SOURCE: Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office news release. To follow news releases directly from the SAO, visit the State’s Attorney’s website and Facebook page.