KKCOM Launches Hyper-Local, Web-Based Bike And Pedestrian App

KKCOM Launches Hyper-Local, Web-Based Bike And Pedestrian App

Kane Kendall Council of Mayors has launched a web-based application, the KKCOM Bike and Pedestrian App that will provide residents with maps of bike trails, public transportation routes, and public infrastructure.

KKCOM staff hopes that this app will assist in wayfinding, recreational experiences, and commuting habits of the residents and visitors of Kane and Kendall counties.

Specifically, the maps within the app display locations of bike routes and trails, restrooms, bike shops, parking, popular destinations, public parks and recreational facilities, and emergency assistance facilities  such as police, fire, and hospitals.

The app will also include a map of Metra train and Pace bus stations/shelters and lines throughout the two-county region. Up-to-date information on closures and construction throughout the trail system will also be reported within the app.

The app was launched on Nov. 1, 2018. It can be accessed at http://bit.ly/kkcomapp.

The app can also be accessed via mobile devices. The app is free to use and does not require a membership to access.

Trails are fun to use all year.

“We hope that the KKCOM Bike and Pedestrian App will help current users of KKCOM’s growing transportation system travel with greater ease, while also encouraging others to take advantage of the many forms of transportation available within Kane and Kendall County,” says Tom Rickert, KKCOM executive director and Kane County’s deputy director of transportation.

Staff members from the Division of Transportation and the Geographic Information Systems Department worked cooperatively to develop the app. The Elgin Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee; Fox Valley Park District; and Aurora Bike, Pedestrian, and Transit Advisory Board also helped with the design.

Residents can contact Ryan Peterson, Kane County’s bike and pedestrian coordinator, at petersonryan@co.kane.il.us with questions or comments regarding the app.

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