Election 2018: Where To Find Nov. 6 Election Results in Kane County, IL

Election 2018: Where To Find Nov. 6 Election Results in Kane County, IL

Some surprising results took place in Kane County vote totals on Tuesday night.

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If you’re looking for election results “straight from the horse’s mouth,” check out this link to the Kane County Clerk’s Office website.

Kane County Election Results

Kane County results are on the kanecountyelections.org page.

The following are links to pages with specific election totals, in a variety of formats:

For questions about voting or early voting, visit the Kane County Clerk’s Office Elections website or call 630-232-5990.

Local Media Sites

Surrounding Election Jurisdictions

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As we get closer to the close of polling places at 7 p.m., here’s a little idea of what to expect later tonight.

First, of the election-result articles we’ve set to post, the priority will be to report on local elections — referendums, Kane County races and “other” local races. That’s because you can probably get final totals on the “big picture” stuff — U.S. Congress and state of Illinois races — from other sources.

Second, it’s important to understand the totals we post will be unofficial. If races are super-close, final outcomes might be in question. Official, canvassed totals will not be available for some days.

Third, this is the inaugural run for Kane County election being consolidated under the Kane County Clerk’s Office. Voters chose to abolish the Aurora Election Commission in a March referendum.

So it will be hard to say when vote totals will be available tonight. We’re hoping they will be earlier than years past, because we won’t have to tally from two election sites to determine, for example, the vote totals for countywide offices.

We’ll keep you posted on timing as the day (and night) goes on.



If you’d like an overview of what’s on the Illinois ballot, Ballotpedia offers this link.



I voted. Hope you did, too, or will do so later today.

Polls are open until 7 p.m.

Here’s a list of polling places in Kane County.

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Blustery weather on Election Day 2018.

Election Day is in full swing in Kane County, and despite blustery weather, polling places appear to be active.

Like many people across the country, Kane County voters also went to the polls early. As of yesterday (Monday, Nov. 5), almost 70,000 votes had been cast in Kane County, according to the Kane County Clerk’s Office.

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For questions on voting, visit the the Kane County Clerk’s Office website. The Clerk’s Office election phone number is posted as 630-232-5990.

If you have a concern about electioneering, call the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office Election Complaint Line at 630-208-5328.