Police: Don't Leave Your Car Running To Warm It Up

Police: Don’t Leave Your Car Running To Warm It Up

Idling cars are the devil’s workshop.

Dropping temps, rising temptation.

Pick a slogan that works for you, but don’t use the recent drop in temperature as an excuse to warm up your car unattended — because that practice can cost you dearly.

“With a Freeze Warning issued for the overnight hours tonight, we don’t need a crystal ball to know that we’re going to see plenty of vehicles left running to warm up unattended in Friday’s early morning hours,” said Dan Ferrelli of the Aurora Police Department. “We know it’s inviting to make sure a car is warm before leaving home or work, but PLEASE don’t leave the vehicle running unattended.”

Vehicles left running unattended present a prime opportunity for thieves as they can be stolen in a matter of seconds.

Between October 2017 and April 2018, the APD took reports for almost 30 vehicles that were stolen while they were running. Even with the doors locked, a window can easily be broken giving a thief access to the vehicle.

Frequently, stolen cars and trucks are used in the commission of other crimes including drive-by shootings or hit-and-run crashes.

Remember, too, that many insurance companies will not cover losses due to this type of negligence. You likewise run the risk of a citation if you leave your motor vehicle running unattended on public property.

“Let’s keep working together, Aurora,” Ferrelli said. “Leaving a running vehicle unattended is just NOT a good idea.”

And if you do warm up your vehicle while sitting inside of it, Ferrelli said, “please leave your sound systems at reasonable levels out of consideration for your neighbors.”

SOURCE: APD Facebook page

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