Old Town Algonquin Project Switches to West Side of Main Street

Old Town Algonquin Project Switches to West Side of Main Street

The village of Algonquin’s Main Street corridor project is progressing, with construction crews completing work on the east side of South Main Street and moving to the west side on Monday, Oct. 15. The project is on schedule to be completed in December.

“The Main Street corridor project is transforming the Old Town area into a thriving destination for residents to shop, dine and gather,” said Village President John Schmitt. “Old Town Algonquin is the heart of our village both emotionally and physically, and we’re proud to be making these improvements, while preserving the character and history of the area.”

The project, which began in February 2018, focuses on updated utilities, street improvements and enhanced pedestrian amenities. Improvements being made include:

  • Renovating Main Street Plaza to create an inviting gathering space for residents and visitors.
  • Repaving Main Street, which serves roughly 7,000 cars every day.
  • Addition of traffic calming devices, new sidewalks and accessibility improvements.
  • Relocating overhead utilities underground, improving the look and feel of the Old Town area.
  • Replacing and upgrading storm sewers and water mains.
  • Landscaping improvements, including new trees.

“We know that major improvement projects like this can be disruptive in the short term, and we appreciate the support and understanding of our residents and businesses during construction,” Schmitt said. “With this project, we’re investing in Algonquin’s future and are excited for our residents to experience and enjoy the revitalized Old Town Algonquin.”

For more information on this project, please visit www.oldtownalgonquin.org.

SOURCE: village of Algonquin news release