Made in Kane: AUFFICE in Gilberts Helps Workers Find a Place in The 'Gig Economy'

Made in Kane: AUFFICE in Gilberts Helps Workers Find a Place in The ‘Gig Economy’

The AUFFICE space allows workers to network in a professional environment. (CREDIT: the AUFFICE website.)

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The “Gig Economy” is transforming work as we know it, and a Kane County business is at the forefront of that trend.

Nathan Misirian, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the AUFFICE and Autumn Consulting​, has launched a coworking and private office space in Gilberts, with a mission to provide a modern and professional workspace for entrepreneurs and small business owners without the hassle and distractions of working at a coffee shop or a home office.

Nathan Misirian

“I remember leading an important conference call, when unexpectedly my yellow labrador began barking at the mailman,” Misirian said. This completely threw off my rhythm, and my client definitely noticed. I did my best to get back to business but it was hard to undo what had been done.”

Misirian said he realized at that moment that the way he was being perceived professionally had changed — and not for the better.

From that pivotal experience, the AUFFICE was founded in June 2018.

Located near Elgin, AUFFICE offers a local co-working and private office solution for the 35 percent of the U.S. workforce that Forbes says is now engaged in the Gig Economy.

“Certainly other freelancers and entrepreneurs are facing similar challenges like the random dog barking, a child crying or the doorbell ringing, all while trying to perform high quality work,” Misirian said.

“It’s hard to ignore the benefits that a new office space can offer, specifically a co-working space,” he added. “It encourages collaboration between those working in the area, along with a sense of relaxation, because you’re not limited to one designated work area. Ideas, and creativity are sparked and the work continues to grow alongside it; new and fresh.”

Misirian says the AUFFICE has unique benefits to the Gig Economy workforce in Kane County, such as a convenient and accessible location near I-90 and plenty of parking once you arrive. The professional, modern work environment includes spacious offices and conference rooms, high-tech connectivity and a coffee bar.

According to a Harvard Business Review article headlined Thriving in Gig Economy, having a defined work space that allows you to “avoid distraction and find inspiration” is essential for success.

Misirian said the AUFFICE is the first co-working and private office space in Northern Kane County.

One of Misirian’s clients, a man from Huntley, shared that he choose the AUFFICE for its professional and modern space and discovered the added benefit of networking with other entrepreneurs.

Misirian said rates begin at $50 per month. ​For more information or to arrange a tour, contact at​.

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