All Early Voting Locations Open Monday, Oct. 22

All Early Voting Locations Open Monday, Oct. 22

All Kane County early voting locations will be in operation starting Monday, Oct. 22.

Early voting has been taking place since Sept. 27 at the Kane County Clerk’s Office at the Government Center in Geneva and the Clerk’s Office Aurora satellite office, but as of Monday, the number of location expands to 19, plus several opportunities to visit Kane County’s “votemobile.”

Be sure to click this link or scroll down to see a poster showing dates, times and locations for early voting.

According to the Clerk’s Office Election website, early voting at early permanent polling places and other early voting locations always begins on the 15th day preceding an election. In this case, voting for the Nov. 6 General Election begins on Oct. 22, 2018, and extends through the end of day before election day.

You may go to any one of the locations to vote early.

Please note that early voting is NOT conducted at your usual polling place. Polling places will only be open for voting on the observed Election Day.

The ballot is the same whether voting absentee, early or at the polling place on election day.​

Contact the Kane County Clerk’s Office at 630-232-5990 or visit for more information on early voting requirements.

  • This article is part of a series pointing out the candidate names and referendums that will appear on the March 20 primary ballot. Kane County Connects encourages citizens to take part in the election process and to seek multiple sources to inform their voting decisions.

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The period for early voting by personal appearance begins on the 40th day preceding an election, on September 27, 2018, ONLY at THE KANE COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE IN GENEVA AND THE AURORA SATELLITE OFFICE​​, and extends through the end of the day before election day.


Early Voting Locations

For a list of Early Voting sites please click the link for the Kane County Clerk’s Office Early Voting Poster!