Residents Invited To Sept. 27 Mill Creek Watershed Open House

Residents Invited To Sept. 27 Mill Creek Watershed Open House

Do you know Mill Creek? No, we are not talking about the subdivision located just outside the city of Geneva’s borders, but rather the actual creek and surrounding watershed area.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is hosting a public open house from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27, at the Peck Farm Park orientation barn, 4038 Kaneville Road.

CMAP is collaborating with the Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources, the Fox River Ecosystem Partnership, the Fox River study group and local municipalities and districts to create a water-quality-based protection plan for Mill Creek.

Questions to be asked and answered include:

  • What do you value about Mill Creek?
  • How can we enhance Mill Creek and its watershed?
  • What’s been done in your community or neighborhood to protect and restore habitat and water quality?

The purpose of the plan is to work with local stakeholders and residents to protect the creek and enhance the quality of life throughout the watershed area, which does expand into Geneva. The open house provides an opportunity to learn about the watershed planning process and to share feedback. Residents can drop in any time.

To learn more about the planning process, visit CMAP’s website for further details. For information about the open house, view the event poster or contact CMAP’s Holly Hudson at 312-386-8700 or Kane County’s Rob Linke at 630-232-3498.

SOURCE: city of Geneva website, CMAP