West Dundee Renews Electric Aggregation Program

West Dundee Renews Electric Aggregation Program

West Dundee residents should receive a letter from the village this or next week regarding the renewal of the Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program. Rates will go into effect with the October 2018 ComEd billing cycle and will remain in effect for a 24-month period.

Once again, Dynegy Energy was awarded the contract at a fixed rate cost of 7.419 cents per kWh. ComEd’s supply rate for the 12 month period from October 2018 through May 2019 will be 7.941 cents per kWh.

ComEd’s rate structure after May, 2019 has not yet been released.

As in year’s past, residents who are currently participating in the village’s Electrical Aggregation Program will be automatically enrolled in the renewed program. Should these residents wish to opt out, an Opt Out Card will be provided with the letter in order to do so.

Residents who have elected to not participate in the village’s program or who have purchased electrical energy from another supplier, will have an opportunity to “opt in” to the Electrical Aggregation Program by completing the Opt In Card that will be enclosed with the letter they will receive.

Opt Out and Opt In Cards must be returned by Aug. 24, 2018.

Questions regarding the program can be answered by Village Hall staff at 847-551-3800 or by contacting Dynegy directly at 844-351-7691.

Residents should note that no personnel from Dynergy or the village of West Dundee will solicit residents regarding this program.

If you are solicited at your West Dundee home or business regarding this matter, please be advised that the offer made is for a program NOT associated with the village.

“We would urge you to examine the program offer carefully before agreeing to switch to another program,” officials said.

For an overview and history of West Dundee’s Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program, visit the village’s website.

Kane County also has an electric aggregation program for residents who live in unincorporated areas of the county. The county’s renewed program begins in August. Click this link for additional information.

SOURCE: village of West Dundee’s Village Newslist e-newsletter