St. Charles Water Tower Getting a New Coat of Paint

St. Charles Water Tower Getting a New Coat of Paint

St. Charles water tower BEFORE.

St. Charles Water Tower in Campton Hills AFTER. (CREDIT FOR BOTH PHOTOS: city of St. Charles)

The interior and exterior of the city of St. Charles water tower at 2903 Campton Hills Road is getting a new coat of paint and updated design. Work begins this week (Aug. 20, 2018) and is anticipated to finish Nov. 30, 2018.

During the repainting process, a tent-like cover will be placed around the tower to protect the surrounding area as sanding and painting is completed.

(CREDIT: Google Maps)

The tower, a 1-million-gallon fluted column elevated water storage tank, was built in 1985. The structure’s exterior paint was spot repaired in 2011, but the majority of the exterior bears its original coat of paint.

This project will completely replace the original exterior and interior wet areas to protect the steel structure from rust. In addition, the dry areas of the interior will be spot-painted and repairs will be made to the foundation, tank vents, roof and roof hatches.

Sanding and repainting helps prevent rust and extend the lifespan of the tower.

“The new paint will protect the integrity of the structure’s steel and improve the tower’s appearance,” said St. Charles Environmental Services Manager Tim Wilson. “Our water towers are integral pieces of the water distribution system and it’s important to keep them in top condition inside and out.”

SOURCE: city of St. Charles news release