St. Charles Museum Reveals New Exhibit, 'Homefront: Echoes of the Great War'

St. Charles Museum Reveals New Exhibit, ‘Homefront: Echoes of the Great War’

The St. Charles History Museum will soon open “Homefront: Echoes of the Great War.”

Curated by summer intern Amelia Deering, the exhibit will highlight the reality of World War I and recognize the St. Charles residents who contributed to the war effort.

The museum is privileged to include many World War I uniforms from our collection, as well as letters, postcards, and other artifacts of that unique and tumultuous time in American history. All of these aid the exhibit in portraying these individuals as multi-faceted people and not just names in a roster.

More than three hundred St. Charles residents served in the war, and many of their families remain in St. Charles to this day. The soldiers were celebrated and honored at the time of their homecoming, but their great sacrifice was soon overshadowed by the horrors of the wars to follow.

“We’re very proud to have given Amelia the opportunity not only to shed light on our WWI collection, which has been preserved over the last year by two volunteers, but also to gain knowledge to move forward in her museum career,” Executive Director Alison Costanzo said.

After 100 of obscurity, the exhibit aims not only to highlight the bravery of the fighting men but also to portray the grim reality of life at the front as well as the daily struggles of those at home. The exhibit will include uniforms, photographs, letters, personal items and will run from Aug. 24 through the first week of January 2019.

The St. Charles History Museum is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, museum staff may be reached at 630-584-6967 or via e-mail at

SOURCE: St. Charles History Museum news release

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