Kane Sheriff’s Deputies Honored With Life Saving Awards

Kane Sheriff’s Deputies Honored With Life Saving Awards

Left to Right Front Row: Deputy Aldo Alba, Officer Joseph Sceerey, Lt. Charlie Conklin, Deputy Kenneth Johnson, Deputy Ryan Wasson, Deputy Alfred Vidrio, Sgt. Steven Jones. Left to Right Back Row: Sgt. Phillip Schuring, Deputy Ryan Rojkowski, Deputy James Thrun, Sheriff Don Kramer, Deputy Steven Benson, Sgt. David Wolf. (CREDIT: Kane County Sheriff’s Office)

Kane County Sheriff’s Office deputies Ryan Rojkowski, Ryan Wasson and Trevor Hoyt were honored with a Life Saving Award at a recent Leadership Awards Ceremony for their actions while on duty in 2017.

Hoyt was on an emergency call out, and saved the life of an individual in Elgin Township who overdosed on heroin. Rojkowski and Wasson performed life saving measures for two men in Montgomery who had overdosed on heroin. Department-issued Narcan was used to revive the three individuals.

Corrections Officers Joseph Sceerey and Oliver Wilson received Life Saving Awards for their actions while on duty in the Adult Correctional Facility. Sceerey and Wilson were recognized for saving the life of an inmate housed at the Kane County Adult Justice Center who was attempting suicide. Their quick actions prevented the individual from harming themselves, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“It’s important that these deputies and corrections officers are recognized for the extraordinary work that they perform,” said Kramer, who hosted the Leadership Awards Ceremony on Monday, July 23.

More deputies were recognized for their achievements for an array of police work that included drawing investigations to closure, facilitating and spearheading training, and emergency response situations. Awards included nine Meritorious Service Awards and three Leadership Awards.

Kramer recognized 15 Sheriff’s Office employees who surpassed 20 years of service.

“Twenty years of service with one organization is a milestone and should be commended,” Kramer said.

Kramer sees the Leadership Ceremony as an extension of the Professional Development Program that was rolled out under his administration. For additional information on the Leadership Ceremony or the Professional Development Program, visit www.kanesheriff.com.

SOURCE: Kane County Sheriff’s Office news release