Get a Great Deal at Sept. 11 Compost Bin, Rain Barrel Sale

Get a Great Deal at Sept. 11 Compost Bin, Rain Barrel Sale

Three community organizations have teamed up for a one-day sale on compost bins and rain barrels this September at the University of Illinois Extension office in St. Charles.

Kane County Recycles, the Conservation Foundation and the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners will host the sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Soil Saver bins are conveniently packaged in a 6-inch by 23-inch by 30-inch box that easily fits in a trunk or the back seat of a car. It requires some simple assembly, and all screws and the tool are included.

Kane County Recycling Program Coordinator Jennnifer Jarland said bins will be sold at $70 while stocks last. The retail price is $100 to $120.

Residents are asked to pay with cash or check only — not credit or debit cards.

“Our intent is to help as many people as possible to recycle food scraps and landscape waste at home,” Jarland said. “Backyard composting keeps food scraps out of the landfill, thereby reducing methane release from landfills, and converts the scraps into a nutrient-rich soil amendment, which can be applied to your garden beds to help your veggies and flowers flourish.”

Kane County Master Gardeners also will be available to talk to attendees and share “how-to” advice.

Sarah Fellerer, Master Gardener program coordinator in Kane County says compost bins and rain barrels are effective tools for any homeowner.

“Compost bins allow residents to recycle fresh food scraps, fallen leaves, and other yard waste in an orderly, space efficient manner,” she said. “Rain barrels provide a simple, low-cost method to conserve water. The collected water can be stored and used for non-edible gardens, houseplants, and for tasks like washing cars.”

The University of Illinois Extension is located at 535 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, on the west side of Randall Road, just north of Route 38 and south of Route 64, in front of the Kane County Fairgrounds. If you are northbound, there is a left-hand turn lane into the parking lot.

“This is a great learning opportunity,” Jarland added.

For more information on compost bins, visit this page of the Kane County Recycles website or call 630-208-3841.

For more information on rain barrels, visit the Conservation Foundation website.

For more information on Master Gardeners, visit this page of the Illinois Extension website or call 630-584-6166.

SOURCE: Kane County Recycles, Conservation Foundation and Kane County Extension websites