Elgin Road Construction Update: Street Work, Utilities, Bridge Rehab Projects Under Way

Elgin Road Construction Update: Street Work, Utilities, Bridge Rehab Projects Under Way

Elgin’s 2018 capital improvement program includes about nine miles of street improvements, more than two miles of utility upgrades and 15 bridge rehabilitation projects.

With all projects now under way or about to begin, the city is kicking off its regular construction campaign to keep residents informed and moving.

Elgin Traffic Alerts will lead each email to give commuters a chance to quickly digest potential traffic disruptions expected in the upcoming week. The regular construction update will also summarize and preview what’s ahead for active city projects.

Daily updates are also available on the Elgin 311 mobile app, on Twitter @ElginRoadAlerts, and also on the City’s dedicated construction website.

If you have a question about a project in your neighborhood or in the city, call 311 (or 847-931-6001 if outside city limits).

Elgin Traffic Alerts

McDonald Road Closure

McDonald Road, between Stevens and Corron, remains closed in both directions through late August while a section of the road is rebuilt. Local access will be provided to the residents north of construction.

Detours are posted.

Active Capital Projects

Elgin National Watch District Resurfacing

Resurfacing project work began in the National Watch District Area earlier this month with a total of 2.7 miles of resurfacing planned in the project area.

Last week, crews completed several structure adjustments as well as milling and patching along many streets on the north end of the project.

This week, crews adjusted manhole structures and completed milling operations along St. Charles Street. Crews have also been placing leveling binder on streets located on the north half of the project area.

Crews will place leveling binder on St. Charles Street and adjust manhole structures in the northern project area including St. Charles Street, Yarwood Street, Watch Street and upper Wellington Avenue.

Curb removal on upper Wellington Avenue is also expected.

Visit cityofelgin.org/construction for more information on this project.

Collector Streets Resurfacing

The Collector Streets Resurfacing Projects include 2.1 miles of resurfacing at three different locations. Crews were out completing manhole and inlet structure adjustments on Water Road, Valley Creek Drive and McLean Boulevard during the first week of July.

With the same contractors working on the Elgin National Watch District resurfacing project, crews have moved to the latter area to complete milling and paving work and will return to complete these streets after.

McLean Boulevard is set to be completed prior to the Elgin Community College fall semester beginning.

Upcoming Projects

Northeast Area Resurfacing

Resurfacing is planned throughout the Northeast Neighborhood, with work kicking off in the near future. Streets to be resurfaced are shown in blue on the map below.

Crews have been out placing markings on streets, curbs and sidewalks in preparation of the work. Contractors have confirmed the area surrounding McKinley School will take priority and be complete the Friday prior to school starting.

Visit cityofelgin.org/construction for more information on this project.

Bridge Rehabilitation

Bridge Rehabilitation projects will be taking place at 15 locations spread across the city.

Bridge rehabilitation fixes different issues, eliminating further damage and extending the life of structures. This project is currently out for bid and work is expected to begin in August.

Visit cityofelgin.org/construction for more information.

Bowes Road Interseptor New Sanitary Sewer

A new sanitary sewer will be installed through and around the Otter Creek Shopping Area, located immediately southwest of the Randall Road and Route 20 intersection.

This project will install 2,900 feet of new gravity flow sanitary sewer.

There will be occasional disruptions to traffic and parking during the project’s work, which is anticipated to kick off in early August.

Visit cityofelgin.org/construction for a complete list of streets.

Stay Informed, Keep Moving

Although the end result of road construction is beneficial, city officials recognize that there may be many inconvenient days throughout construction season. Check out the graphic on ways to stay informed so that you can keep moving during construction months.

Immediate questions? Call, email or send a mobile app request to Elgin 311. Our knowledgeable 311 Citizen Advocates can answer your questions in English or Spanish.

SOURCE: city of Elgin news release