Live From The Kane County Fair! Ribbon Is Cut, Let The 150-Year Anniversary Begin!

Live From The Kane County Fair! Ribbon Is Cut, Let The 150-Year Anniversary Begin!

  • Editor’s Note: We sent Kane County Connects intern Allison Arguezo to the Kane County Fair to experience it for the first time. Here are her observations on Day 2.

Hello, again! It’s Allison here at the second day of the Kane County Fair!

Thursday, July 19, was special because it was the official launch, celebrating the fair’s 150-year anniversary. I was very lucky to have been invited to the cutting of the ribbon.

Me and Larry Breon, president of the Kane County Fair Board.

Today’s article will be mainly about ribbon cutting and the fair’s history. I will be saving all the attention-grabbing attractions I saw today at the fair and combining them with the first-person account on Friday. So stay tuned!

To start the day off, I was lucky enough to interview Larry Breon, the Kane County Fair board president. It’s clear that Breon has a lot of love and passion for the Kane County Fair. He gave me some really valuable information about the fair, what goes into it making great every year and its history.

Back in the day, farmers would go to the fair to learn about “new planting possibilities” and technology. This was before all the farming companies had their own schools and places to teach people about new farming machines.

4-H was also a very important part of the history of the Kane County Fair, and it continues to be an important part to this day. Breon said the fair’s well-rounded attractions and great prices help it stand out from other fairs in the area.

Agriculture is and always has been a defining factor of the Kane County Fair, and its agricultural events, contests and displays continue to be a central theme in this 150th-anniversary edition.

Feeling The Love

When I arrived at the reception, I was greeted warmly by the organizers. I even had my own name tag with Kane County Connects on it, which made me feel like a pro.

I’m too young for the wine-tasting at the reception, but I enjoyed the snacks and a Mountain Dew, and I had a chance to meet some very important people. There were elected officials and Kane County Board members, radio show and talk show hosts, photographers, and the Eddie V. Band.

I even had the chance to see Emery Moorehead, a former NFL player, and Mrs. Illinois — quite an experience for this high school intern.

From the reception, we were moved to the Miller Lite Sound Stage, where a long red ribbon was cut with a pair of oversized golden scissors. I really felt I was a part of history.

I even got to keep a part of the ribbon — a souvenir I can remember for years to come.

I stayed a little after to see the performance of the Eddie V. Band, and recorded a video of them playing a cover of Play That Funky Music from the band, Wild Cherry.

Here it is — live from the Kane County Fair — for your musical enjoyment:

What’s Happening Today at The Fair!

The Kane County Fair moves into high gear Friday, with “professional bull riders and cowgirls” in the grandstand and Hi-Infidelity at the Miller Lite Sound Stage.

New events include wine-tasting and Bingo.

Come by and explore the rich history and agriculture of the Kane County Fair. Don’t forget to tune in again tomorrow for my next “Live From The Kane County Fair” update.

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