Live From The Kane County Fair! Day 3 Is For Food, Fun and Shopping!

Live From The Kane County Fair! Day 3 Is For Food, Fun and Shopping!

It’s Allison again, here with more live updates at the fair.

Friday, July 20 is now Day 3 of the fair, and I am simply loving each day here. The weather today wasn’t ideal, but no matter — rain, wind, or sun, I will still manage to have fun!

Today, I wanted to focus on the food, entertainment, and shopping at the fair. I am combining my experiences from yesterday and today to help create this update. Tomorrow, I’ll focus more on the 4-H aspect of the fair.


Me with the giant chess pieces.

Automatically, my eye was drawn to the big, flashy rides at the fair.

For $20, you have unlimited access to the rides from noon to 5 p.m. Sales of the unlimited rides stop at 4 p.m. so be sure to get them as early as you can.

If you are afraid of heights like me, you can enjoy many free attractions that don’t go high into the sky. In the far east side of the Prairie Events Center, you can find MindWorks Interactive Games, All Star Sports Instruction, and fun photo selfie stations.

When I first entered the building, I saw a multitude of oversized versions of classic board games. There was oversized chess, checkers, Battleship, Connect 4, and even an oversized Operation.

One of the activities that I really enjoyed was making oversized bubbles with a giant bubble wand. All of the oversized games made me feel like a tiny child again! It brought back a lot of fun childhood memories of when I would play these board games.

Next year, I’m hoping for oversized Monopoly!


On the other side of the fair, by Gate 2 and the pedestrian gate, there is a long row of vendors showcasing their items at their stalls. Walking down this street, I could see such a variety of goods being sold.

You can get engraved rings with your own name on it. Or you can stop by a little clothing stall to get a new addition to your wardrobe. Do you have a bad back? There’s a chiropractor, too!

Some of the vendors were kind enough to let me take a picture of their stall and let me ask about the product they were selling. One of the vendors I saw was selling coffee.

Gun Barrel Coffee

I am a huge coffee addict, so I was naturally drawn to Gun Barrel Coffee.

Gun Barrel Coffee is unique in that, for every bag of coffee that they sell, they donate the proceeds to veterans, firefighters, police officers and more.

Another vendor I saw was the WRMN 1410 radio talk show. They offer savings on many items, services, and more while also giving daily updates.

I wish I had more time to explore down the street and learn more about all the vendors that were there. I am sure that there is something for everyone on the vendors street.


Jumbo Turkey Legs

What better way to spend the day at the fair than trying all of the classic fair food. Similar to the vendors’ street, there is a street dedicated to food.

You’ll find classics like lemonade, turkey legs, nachos, ice cream, tacos and more. But there’s a bunch of other foods that you might not find at every fair, such as bunt cakes, Polish cuisines, gyros, and Wondersticks.

I enjoy the classic turkey leg and pretzel. I had a nice-tasting turkey leg and a pretzel with sweet, soft cream cheese baked inside. After I was done, I was craving another one!

If you’re looking for more of a sit-down style of a meal, don’t worry. There’s Heriaud Catering that’s located in the Prairie Events Center. They open early with a breakfast menu, and they also have a lunch menu in the afternoon. Come by the fair to taste all the different foods, snacks and beverages.

Stop by The Fair Today

Remember that this year is the 150-year anniversary of the Kane County Fair — there won’t be another 150-year anniversary after this!

The fair is slowly coming to a close with two days remaining. The fair will be open from noon to midnight Saturday and from noon to 10 p.m. Sunday. I’ll be here, and you should, too!

Take a look at our article previewing the fair. It has all the information about times and prices.

Be sure to also look at the Kane County Fair website for more details.