2 Kane County Sites Headline State's Newest Tourist Attraction: The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour

2 Kane County Sites Headline State’s Newest Tourist Attraction: The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour

Muirhead Farmhouse (CREDIT: savewright.org)

Two Kane County sites will be featured in the state of Illinois’ highly touted Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, a self-guided architectural adventure featuring 13 Wright-designed buildings open to the public.

One of the greatest American architects, Wright called Illinois his home. Recognizing that fact, the Illinois Office of Tourism launched the Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Trail for the celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week.

Cory Jobe, director of the Illinois Office of Tourism, said the trail “paves the way for more domestic and international travelers to enjoy authentic experiences throughout Illinois.”

The two sites in Kane County are the Colonel George Fabyan Villa in Geneva and the Muirhead Farmhouse in Hampshire.

Fabyan Villa (CREDIT: www.ppfv.org/fabyan-villa-museum)

The Colonel George Fabyan Villa on 1925 S. Batavia Ave. in Geneva is the seventh destination on the trail.

The Colonel George Fabyan Villa was home to Colonel George and his wife, Nelle Fabyan, from 1905 to 1939. In 1907, the pair hired Frank Lloyd Wright to remodel their Geneva home.

The Fabyan estate also includes a Japanese garden, Dutch windmill, Roman-styled swimming pool, boathouse and much more. The Kane County Forest Preserve bought the Fabyan estate in 1939. The estate was then turned into a historic museum, which is open for the public to enjoy.

The eighth destination on the tour is the Muirhead Farmhouse on 42W814 Rohrsen Road, Hampshire.

(CREDIT: www.muirheadfarmhouse.com/)

The Muirhead Farmhouse was the only known farmhouse that was designed and built by Wright. It was designed in 1950 and constructed in the years of 1951 to 1953.

The owners, Robert and Elizabeth Muirhead, wanted something to better fit their growing family of five and commissioned Wright to design their home. The farmhouse went through restoration in 2003 and continues to be cared for by the Muirhead family.

Today, it is managed by Mike and Sarah Petersdorf. Sarah is the grandchild of Robert and Elizabeth Muirhead.

To see all the other sites on the trail, visit Enjoyillinois.com