Elgin Community Conversation To Discuss Policing, Death of DeCynthia Clements

Elgin Community Conversation To Discuss Policing, Death of DeCynthia Clements

All members of the Elgin community are invited to a community conversation on Saturday, June 2, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at The Centre of Elgin Heritage Ballroom, located at 100 Symphony Way. The meeting is hosted by the Clergy Coalition of Elgin in partnership with the City of Elgin and the Elgin Police Department.

This meeting will provide information about the process involving the investigation being conducted by the Illinois State Police into the death of DeCynthia Clements. Although there is no new information to announce, staff will be able to communicate a general timeframe, the role of each government agency in the process and potential next steps.

The meeting will offer community members significant time in small group settings to ask questions and share thoughts on policing in Elgin. Members of the Elgin City Council, the Elgin Police Department, staff from the City Manager’s Office, clergy leaders and other community leaders will be on hand to take questions and listen to concerns shared by the public.

The presentation and a log of questions asked at the meeting and their answers will be made available following the session at cityofelgin.org.

“Our goal on June 2 is to provide a welcoming environment where people can feel heard,” said Deputy Chief Bill Wolf. “While the investigation is expected to last several months, we will continue dialog in the interim. We are committed to continue learning from the community about areas we can improve, and will take action to make our department even better.”

DeCynthia Clements

This meeting is the first in a series of community conversations that encourages productive discussion and action related to policing and community needs. Topics brought forward on June 2 will inform future meeting agendas.

“We acknowledge that a life was lost in Elgin, and people have questions. Our community is known for facing our challenges head on, and this will be no different. Whether you are a resident in the community, a member of law enforcement or a service provider in Elgin, we all have a role to play in determining solutions for our community and moving forward, together,” said Mayor Dave Kaptain.

Community conversations are a long-standing practice in Elgin initiated as a way to address complex social and policy issues that face cities across the country. The Clergy Coalition of Elgin has worked with the Elgin Police Department as well as the City of Elgin Human Relations Commission to host several community conversations on topics such as immigration, racial profiling, what to expect during traffic stops, and body worn cameras.

The Clergy Coalition of Elgin brings together more than 80 leaders who represents all faiths practiced in Elgin.

Additional information about the Elgin Police Department can be found on the city’s website.

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