UPDATE: Lane Closures on Longmeadow Parkway Start April 23

UPDATE: Lane Closures on Longmeadow Parkway Start April 23

A decorative concrete cap will go over metal piles like these to provide screening along the northwest quadrant of Longmeadow Parkway and Sleepy Hollow Road. (CREDIT: KDOT)

There’s all kinds of work taking place as part of the Longmeadow Parkway project, starting Monday, April 23.

The southbound right-turn lane of Sleepy Hollow north of Longmeadow Parkway and a portion of the westbound outside lane of Longmeadow Parkway east of Sleepy Hollow will be closed starting the week of April 23, 2018.

Lane closures will last about three to four weeks to allow crews to safely work on a small wall for the project.

Plus, starting that same week, crews will be planting trees, milling the existing asphalt pavement and paving surface course asphalt on Randall Road from Broadsmore Drive to Corporate Parkway. This work will occur between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. for northbound Randall Road and between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. for southbound Randall Road, Monday through Saturday.

This work is expected to take about three weeks and motorists are advised to expect increased travel times and consider alternate routes during this work.

Motorists are asked to exercise care and reduce speed while driving around and through the construction zone, obey flaggers and watch out for construction equipment entering and leaving the project site.

The Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Bridge Corridor is a planned tree-lined parkway and new Fox River Bridge crossing with a landscaped median, approximately 5.6 miles in length, running from Huntley Road to IL Route 62.

The proposed road passes through portions of the villages of Algonquin, Carpentersville and Barrington Hills, as well as unincorporated areas of Kane County.

KDOT officials say the project will provide a valuable benefit to the public by relieving congestion, encouraging economic development, improving travel options and connecting towns and neighborhoods.

Additional information is available on the Longmeadow Parkway page of the Kane County Division of Transportation website.

Questions and concerns may be directed to David Boesch, chief of construction with the Kane County Division of Transportation, at 630-845-7875.

For all Kane County traffic advisories, see the KDOT Traffic Alerts webpage.

Work Zone Safety Alert

Drivers in this project area should be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, watch for construction workers and construction vehicles entering or leaving the site, and obey flaggers and other traffic control devices within the work zone.

Drivers should expect delays and may want to add additional time to their commutes and consider the use of alternate routes while this work is completed.

A reminder: It is illegal for drivers to talk on a cell phone while driving through a highway construction work zone.

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