Election 2018: Where To Find March 20 Primary Results For Kane County, Aurora, IL

Election 2018: Where To Find March 20 Primary Results For Kane County, Aurora, IL

As always, Kane County Connects will be posting election totals on Tuesday night.

So be sure to visit www.kanecountyconnects.com on Tuesday and bookmark the election results articles. In those articles, we’ll provide regular updates on federal, state and local primary contests as well as local referendums.

Bookmark these articles:

Links to each election-results article will appear in the Wednesday, March 21, Kane County Connects e-newsletter.

The service Kane County Connects provides is to add the election commission results to give you a final total. If you’re looking for election results “straight from the horse’s mouth,” there are two great online sources in Kane County: the Kane County Clerk’s Office website and the Aurora Election Commission results page.

Here are a couple of quick tips if you’re searching for results on Tuesday, March 20.

Kane County Election Results

Kane County results are on the kanecountyelections.org page.

The following are links to pages with specific election totals, in a variety of formats:

Aurora Election Commission Results

In previous years, Aurora Election Commission results were posted on an “Access Liberty” page. This time, the results are posted on a Clarity Elections page. You can find a link

A drop-down menu allows you to peruse results for federal, state, or “county” elections.

Under the “county” elections tab, you’ll find results for local referendums, countywide offices, judicial circuit races and precinct committee races.

Because there are multiple counties within the Aurora city limits, voters will be able to access results for Grundy and Kendall counties under one tab, and Kane County and Will County under separate tabs.

To determine the outcome of Kane County primary races — for county clerk, county sheriff, regional superintendent of schools, for example — it is necessary to add the AEC totals with the Kane County Clerk’s Office totals.

Who’s on the Ballot? Click the Links Below

Voting is one of the great rights, privileges and responsibilities of citizenship. Kane County Connects encourages citizens to visit multiple information sources to find out more about the candidates and issues.

To find out who’s on the ballot and what referendums are on the ballot, check out the links below. These articles include links to additional information on early voting, how to find your personalized sample ballot and much more.

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