Batavia Family Seeking a 'Kidney 4 Scott Buckingham'

Batavia Family Seeking a ‘Kidney 4 Scott Buckingham’

With a heavy heart and a great deal of reservation, Scott Buckingham penned an open letter to friends and family on Feb. 19, appealing for help related to his current health condition and desperate need for a live kidney donor.

Placing the letter on Facebook, Buckingham and his family are hoping for a miracle, asking any interested parties to contact the Northwestern Kovler Organ Transplant Center for more information regarding organ donation.

Three years ago, in June of 2015, Buckingham had a kidney and pancreas transplant due to renal failure caused by type one diabetes. At the time, Buckingham had only 2 percent kidney function. Needless to say, the surgery was a godsend. Post-transplant surgery, Buckingham had only six months of relatively good health before he was struck down with two severe transplant-related infections. The unexpected infections caused acute organ rejection resulting in kidney failure.

Today, Buckingham struggles, attempting to navigate this second health scare and 11 percent kidney function.

The medical transplant team caring for Buckingham is describing his situation as dire. Buckingham may not live long enough to receive a kidney from the transplant waiting list. Due to his rare blood-type, Buckingham could be looking at a 10-year wait for a kidney — 10 years Buckingham doesn’t have.

The sad reality is, many people die while waiting for an organ transplant. Buckingham is praying that a living kidney donor will come forward to help save his life. The blood type of the prospective living kidney donor doesn’t matter. The Northwestern Kovler Organ Transplant Center has an organ exchange program that would allow the surgery to take place.

“If you feel compelled to help, please contact the Northwestern Kovler Organ Transplant Center where you can get information on the process and what it means to be a living donor or you can call the Center directly if you have questions,” said Scott Buckingham. “I’m also available to answer questions since I’m in direct contact with the surgical and transplant team.”

For more information on the Northwestern Kovler Organ Transplant Center, please visit this web page.

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