Primary Primer: Statewide And State Rep Contested Races on March 20 Ballot

Primary Primer: Statewide And State Rep Contested Races on March 20 Ballot

  • Editor’s Note: Early voting for the March 20 primary starts Thursday, Feb. 8, in Kane County and the Aurora Election Commission. This article is part of a series pointing out the candidate names and referendums that will appear on the ballot. Kane County Connects encourages citizens to take part in the election process and to seek multiple sources to inform their voting decisions.

Most of the hoopla on the March 20 primary ballot likely will be for the governor’s race.

Goodness knows, you’ve probably already figured that out, considering the endless stream of television commercials.

Here’s a look at the contested state of Illinois races you’ll see on Democratic and Republican ballots.

Governor’s Race

Gov. Bruce Rauner faces a Republican primary challenge from Jeanne Ives, while six Democratic gubernatorial candidates compete for the opportunity to represent their party in the November general election.

When you look at your primary ballot, of course, you’ll see a that you don’t vote for governor and lieutenant governor separately, but as a ticket. The competing Republican tickets for governor / lieutenant governor are Bruce Rauner / Evelyn Sanguinetti versus Jeanne Ives / Rich Morthland.

The Democratic tickets for governor / lieutenant governor are as follows: JB Pritzker / Juliana Stratton, Chris Kennedy / Ra Joy, Daniel Biss / Litesa E. Wallace, Bob Daiber / Jonathan W. Todd, Tio Hardiman / Patricia Avery, Robert Marshall / Dennis Cole.

Illinois Attorney General

There are also heated primary contests for the position of attorney general, after longtime Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s September announcement that she would not be seeking re-election.

In the Democratic primary, eight candidates will be seeking the chance to succeed Madigan. They are Pat Quinn, Renato Mariotti, Scott Drury, Nancy Rotering, Kwame Raoul, Jesse Ruiz, Sharon Fairley and Aaron Goldstein.

In the Republican primary, Erika Harold and Gary Grasso are seeking the GOP nomination for Illinois attorney general.

There are no other contested primary races for statewide office, from either political party.

State Reps

Locally, there are two primary-election contested races for state representative.

On the Democratic primary ballot, two candidates are facing off for the party nomination for 70th District representative in the General Assembly: Paul Stoddard and Howard Solomon.

On the Republican primary ballot, Nic Zito and Tonia Jane Khouri are vying for their party’s nomination for 49th District representative in the General Assembly.

See The Full List of Primary Candidates Online

Here are links to the Kane County Clerk’s Office website, showing a list of candidates that will appear on the March 20 primary ballots:

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