Top 10 KCC Stories Of 2017 — No. 9: Who's Got The Highest, Lowest Property Taxes?

Top 10 KCC Stories Of 2017 — No. 9: Who’s Got The Highest, Lowest Property Taxes?

  • Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series counting down the top 10 Kane County Connects stories of 2017.

Each year around the time the first installment of property tax bills are due, Kane County Connects re-posts news-release information from the Kane County Treasurer’s Office regarding the most up-to-date facts, figures and deadlines. There’s so much information, in fact, that we usually break it up into a five-part series.

This year, one of those posts made the top 10 most-read list. This article was published April 24, 2017, and had 5,479 page views.

No. 9: Which Townships Have The Highest Property Taxes?

Plato Township led the league with the highest average tax bill per parcel in Kane County, according to statistics shared by the Kane County Treasurer’s Office.

A Plato Township resident who owns a home valued at $250,000 ponied up $8,634 in 2016 property taxes payable in 2017.

The lowest on the list this year was Geneva Township, where a resident with a $250,000 home paid $7,298.

Why is there that much difference between the average tax bills of each township? A lot of the variation is due to what taxing bodies are in your area, and the biggest factor by far is your school district’s tax rate. That’s because the biggest piece of your property tax pie goes to local schools.

It’s important to note that these numbers compare average tax bills for homes valued at $250,000. They do not represent the average tax bill in each township. Obviously, tonier townships are going to have higher assessed values and higher overall tax bills. Rural townships, typically, have lower assessed values and lower bills.

Average Tax Bill By Township for $250,000 Home (Highest to Lowest)

  1. Plato Township — $8,634
  2. Elgin Township — $8,560
  3. Burlington Township — $8,489
  4. Dundee Township — $8,483
  5. Sugar Grove Township — $8,467
  6. Aurora Township — $8,457
  7. Virgil Township — $8,383
  8. Kaneville Township — $8,196
  9. Blackberry Township — $7,962
  10. Hampshire Township — $7,758
  11. Big Rock Township — $7,764
  12. Rutland Township — $7,711
  13. Batavia Township — $7,652
  14. St. Charles Township — $7,415
  15. Campton Township — $7,338
  16. Geneva Township — $7,298

For More Information

  • For questions about exemptions or appeals, call the County Assessment Office at 630-208-3818 or visit
  • For questions about how tax rates are developed, call the Kane County Clerk at (630) 232-5964 or visit
  • For questions about tax bills or payments, call the Kane County Treasurer at (630) 232-3565 or visit

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