Top 10 KCC Stories of 2017 — No. 8: Six Things You THINK You Can Recycle, But Can't

Top 10 KCC Stories of 2017 — No. 8: Six Things You THINK You Can Recycle, But Can’t

  • Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series counting down the top 10 Kane County Connects stories of 2017.

Kane County Connects readers love recycling stories. On any given week that we publish one, it’s likely to land in the top five most-read articles.

That’s why it’s not a big surprise to find the No. 8 most-read article in 2017 is on the topic of recycling. And more specifically …

Six Things You THINK You Can Recycle … But Can’t

That green recycling box that serves as the feature image for this article must at times seem like Pandora’s Box for Kane County residents.

The truth is, recycling is a bit more complicated and a lot more nuanced than it used to be.

There are certain items that can be recycled, for example, but really shouldn’t go in your recycling bin. There are some items marked with a number inside a triangular recycling symbol, but that symbol doesn’t guarantee the item can be recycled through your community’s pickup service. And there are still more items that you intuitively might think are recyclable but actually gum up your local Material Recovery Facility.

Because recycling rules change over time, it’s important to keep up with present-day best practices.

This article, which garnered 5,510 page views, talks about the “six things you THINK you can recycle, but can’t.” But it was partnered with a followup article, “6 More Things You THINK You Can Recycle, But Can’t,”which garnered another 5,002 page views and was the 12th-most-read article of the year.

So as a special bonus, here’s the full list — 12 things you THINK you can recycle, but can’t:

  1. Plastic bags
  2. Cups
  3. Cups lids
  4. Straws
  5. Plastic utensils
  6. Styrofoam
  7. Chip bags
  8. Candy wrappers
  9. Napkins
  10. Paper towels
  11. Tissue
  12. Paper plates

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