Top 10 KCC Stories of 2017 — No. 3: Ever-Changing Trick-Or-Treat Hours

Top 10 KCC Stories of 2017 — No. 3: Ever-Changing Trick-Or-Treat Hours

  • Editor’s Note: This is the eighth in a series counting down the top 10 Kane County Connects stories of 2017.

For some reason, the Kane County Connects annual trick-or-treat hours story is a perennial favorite for readers.

Maybe it’s because our story is easiest to find in an Internet search. Maybe it’s because area communities and law enforcers share our “roundup” story on social media — and by word of mouth. Maybe, now that we’ve done the story three years in a row, people know how and when to look for it.

For whatever reason, it works. This year’s story had 11,596 page views.

  • Quick Editor’s Note: Our recently-posted story on “How To Prepay Your Property Tax Bill” is climbing the charts of most-read stories of the year, and actually would have placed in the No. 4 spot, as of Tuesday. But since the “prepay” story posted after we started the countdown, we’ll have to leave it out of this story series.

No. 3: Trick-Or-Treat!

Another reason this article might have been so popular is that Halloween trick-or-treat hours changed for a few Kane County communities in 2017.

It’s a good idea to check those hours so that you know when to take the kids out. It’s especially helpful, too, if you’re trick-or-treating in a neighbor town or just happen to be in town for a visit and you’re not sure of the protocols.

Our trick-or-treat articles include press-release information about holiday happenings throughout Kane County, provide numerous public-safety tips and let readers know how to look up local sex-offender lists before they take their kids trick-or-treating.

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