RTA Strategic Plan Public Comment Deadline Dec. 31

RTA Strategic Plan Public Comment Deadline Dec. 31

The Regional Transportation Authority has some ambitious plans for the future and wants your input.

The RTA has released a draft 2018-2023 Regional Strategic Plan for public comment, but if you’d like to offer your 2 cents, you’ll have to act fast. The deadline for submitting comments on the plan is Dec. 31, 2017.

Through the Strategic Plan, the Chicago region’s transit agencies — RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace — joined forces to talk about the capital investments that are needed over the next five years to deliver great public transportation in light of changing demographics, transportation, and technology.

The resulting Strategic Plan will serve as a guide to each of the transit agencies in planning and funding future projects as well as carrying out the unique day-to-day activities needed to meet passenger needs that vary widely across the large and diverse region.

The strategic plan is structured around three broad policy goals:

1. Deliver Value on Investment This goal focuses on the positive impacts of transit investment and the importance of increasing funding.

2. Build on The Strengths of The Network — This goal focuses on the service improvements and infrastructure investments that the Transit Agencies would like to make in key transit markets throughout the region.

3. Stay Competitive — This goal focuses on the vital role that transit plays as part of the region’s mobility network and strategies for adapting to the evolving needs of riders.

Visit the RTA’s Strategic Plan webpage to view the plan and learn more about how and why it was developed. Any comments on the plan can be submitted to transitstrategicplan@rtachicago.org

SOURCE: Kane County Planning Cooperative December newsletter. Click this link to sign up for the e-newsletter!