Made in Kane Squared: 25N Coworking Makes Kane Businesses Better

Made in Kane Squared: 25N Coworking Makes Kane Businesses Better

  • “Made in Kane” is a monthly feature on Kane County businesses selected by the Kane County Development and Community Services Department. If you know about a cool company or product that’s “Made in Kane” worthy, please send an email to Kane County Planner Chris Toth at Include a brief description of the company or product, a link to its website and contact information.

Kane County Development & Community Services Director Mark VanKerkhoff likes to call 25N Coworking “Made in Kane Squared.”

That’s because this innovative company in Geneva doesn’t just make things in Kane County, it makes workplaces for corporate teams, small business and local organizations that make things in Kane.

25N Coworking is on the cutting edge of coworking, one of the most interesting, sea-change-type business trends we’ve seen in the last decade.

This particular Kane County business, located at 25 N. River Lane in Geneva (and with a second location in Arlington Heights), is more than workspace, meeting rooms, and great (great) coffee.

“We are a community built on the people we connect with and the opportunities we create,” its website says. “Our spaces are expertly designed to spark collaboration and productivity, and our cutting-edge technology allows our members to sail through their workday uninterrupted. We strive to nurture the creative business ecosystem that grows in our space, and our community’s magnetic energy is proof: we’re changing the way we work.”

Flexible Workspace

25N Coworking offers flexible shared workspace, private offices, and meeting rooms to corporate teams, small businesses, and independent professionals — all within a next-generation coworking environment. 25N’s coworking model is based on deliberate community and economic development via professional workspace design, premium technology, curated programming & events, business development resources, and value-added partnerships.

The result: a culture of collaboration, diversity, and growth within a single, shared workplace.

Beyond igniting daily collaborative exchanges, 25N prides itself on its commitment to “workplace as a service.” This approach focuses on removing barriers to productivity in current members and guests.

For example, staff intervention allows meeting room users to focus on objectives of the meeting and not extraneous details like conferencing tools, presentation monitors, concierge, and catering. In addition, coworking space operators are experts in right-sizing meeting room facilities to suit the number of participants, meeting type, timing, and budget. It’s convenient, on-demand workspace — as a service.

As far as daily member use, 25N designs workspaces that balance shared space to interact with private space to focus.

“We created a variety of work zones,” explains Mara Hauser, founder and CEO. “Depending on the project or task at hand, one can be in the mix of the buzz or tucked away for heads-down work.”

The office furniture itself supports a maximized work day. Desks and workstations from DeskMakers and Teknion provide integrated power stations at every seat for effortless laptop/phone charging, and audio-visual systems from EOC Audio transform every meeting room and shared space into an instant venue for presentations. Additional amenities include comfortable ergonomic seating, spontaneous write-on idea walls, and custom, reclaimed conference tables and benches from J. Hoffman Lumber Co.

25N’s dedication to collaboration and productivity has caught the attention of many local professionals seeking not only a comfortable work environment, but the opportunity to connect to and network with the local economy.

Although there is a sharp focus on amenities and community at 25N Coworking, their measure of success lies within each individual member, and it hinges on a few simple questions that serve as a key motivator and mission:

(1) Did you interact with someone that you’d like to continue a conversation with?

(2) Were you comfortable and productive?

(3) Did you leave more motivated than when you arrived?

Curious about 25N and coworking? Schedule a tour by emailing

Geneva Expansion

Increased demand and real estate opportunity has resulted in the second 25N Coworking expansion in Geneva within a year. Select private offices and suites will feature views of the Fox River, exposure to State Street, courtyard views, and/or interior windows with views of open flex space. All workspace options come fully furnished.

Although the annex is only a short walk across the courtyard from the current 25N Geneva location (and will retain full access to that space), the site will be a fully-developed, self-sufficient coworking space with flagship coworking amenities such as:

  • Fully-furnished private offices
  • High-performance Wi-Fi
  • Hard-wired Ethernet
  • Meeting rooms
  • 24/7 access
  • Community café/break room
  • Complimentary micro-roasted coffee, teas, and waters
  • Private phone booths
  • Brainstorming walls
  • Concierge office services like
  • Printing and shredding
  • Janitorial services

Mara Hauser, Founder & CEO

The space is presently under extensive renovations and the layout includes a newly-designed member lounge and game room, plus other surprises like balcony access and flex space enclaves for increased privacy.

“We’ve established a brand and a culture that has driven membership from all over the Chicago suburbs — essentially requiring us to annex more space to meet the demand,” Hauser said. “Our space in Geneva was initially designed to meet the needs of one suburban community, but we’ve evolved to contribute economic development to the larger region, influencing coworking trends and success measures nationally and internationally.”

“The tremendous growth projections of the coworking industry have also influenced our expansion plans. By the year 2020, industry analysts expect coworking space membership to grow from its current 976,000 members to a staggering 3 million or more — we have to be ahead of the curve to accommodate these numbers and maintain our position as a leading-edge company that offers innovative workspaces.”

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