City of Aurora to File Federal Lawsuit Against Owner of Old Copley Hospital

City of Aurora to File Federal Lawsuit Against Owner of Old Copley Hospital

The city of Aurora has issued a Notice of Intent to Sue under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act against Raghuveer P. Nayak, Anita R. Nayak and the companies they control, relating to the presence of asbestos at the Old Copley Hospital.

The notice, issued Thursday, July 27, 2017, states that the city will file suit in federal court in 90 days unless the Nayaks immediately secure the facility and mitigate the danger by removing the asbestos.

“The Old Copley Hospital site is a top priority for my administration,” said Mayor Richard Irvin. “It has grown to be much more than an eyesore in the community. The site poses a threat to the health and safety of the residents of Aurora. This situation has gone on for far too long. The Nayaks created this problem, and they must be held accountable for correcting it.”

The notice provides that, since they assumed ownership of the facility in February 2007, the Nayaks have allowed the buildings on the site to deteriorate significantly and that the asbestos in the hospital buildings pose a risk to emergency responders and the community at large.

The notice is addressed to the Nayaks because they exercise authority and control over the buildings, which makes them liable under federal environmental laws, city officials said in a news release. Based on documents filed in a federal criminal action, Raghuveer Nayak is believed to have a net worth exceeding $27 million.

“One of the major concerns of Ward 4 residents is the former hospital, and the growing risk it brings to the immediate neighborhood,” said Ward 4 Alderman Bill Donnell. “The community has waited for substantial action to be taken by the owners to no avail. The City’s issuance of a notice to sue expresses the critical urgency to address the problem for the safety and health of the community.”

The city said it will monitor the progress of actions and provide updates via the city’s website. Frequently Asked Questions and future news releases can be found at

SOURCE: city of Aurora news release