Time to Latch-On! Second Annual Kane County Event Set For Aug. 4-5

Time to Latch-On! Second Annual Kane County Event Set For Aug. 4-5

Big Latch-On is back!

This year, there will be two locations for the Kane County Big Latch-On event on two days. On Friday, Aug. 4, head down to the VNA Health Center in Aurora. If Friday doesn’t work for you, you can still “Latch On” Saturday, Aug. 5 at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin.

Big Latch-On 2017 in Kane

Kane County Big Latch-On 2016 at the VNA in Aurora (CREDIT Kane County Health Department)

Friday, Aug. 4

  • Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Place: VNA Health Care, 400 N. Highland Ave., Aurora
  • RSVP: To Maria at 630-892-4355, Ext. 8158

Saturday, Aug. 5

  • Time: 9:30 a.m. to noon
  • Place: Advocate Sherman Hospital, 1425 N. Randall Road, Elgin
  • RSVP: To Cindy at cla@wans.net

What is the Big Latch-On?

The Big Latch-On is a global event designed to create a supportive community and network for breastfeeders all around the world. The big picture goal is to normalize breastfeeding and raise awareness to the numerous benefits that breastfeeding brings.

On a smaller level, Big Latch-On can help mothers feel more comfortable to “go natural” and breastfeed and connect with other mothers who do the same.

How Does It Work?

The Big Latch-On always takes place over two of the days during World Breastfeeding Week and individual groups, such as the ones here in Kane County, can register and host their own version of the celebration.

The versions taking place in Aurora and Elgin will feature free food, activities, and education about the resources available for breastfeeders in the area. The pinnacle of the event is when, at the same moment all around the world, children “latch on” to their mothers who unite in solidarity to encourage breastfeeding.

Who Should Come?

The event is geared around mothers, pregnant women, families and breastfeeding supporters in general. It is the perfect avenue for avid breastfeeding encouragers to connect with each other and spread their message.


The Big Latch-On was started in 2005 in New Zealand by the Women’s Health Action. Since then, it has spread all over the globe, and hundreds of locations participate every year, growing from an initial two participating countries to 28 participating countries last year.

Now, every year thousands of children and mothers participate in latching on. The numbers continue to grow every year, and the support for breastfeeding continues to rise.

SOURCE: Kane County Health Department