Made in Kane: The Sky's The Limit For Carpentersville-Based IFE Products

Made in Kane: The Sky’s The Limit For Carpentersville-Based IFE Products

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You know the lights you see above your seat when you fly on a new jet plane? Ever watch a movie on a long flight and marveled just a little about the quality of the picture or the fact that you can enjoy a flick while cruising at 600 mph, 40,000 feet above the ground?

Do you look up on a summer’s night and see the glowing red or while dots of landing lights drifting across the sky?

Then you might be familiar with the extraordinary work of Carpentersville-based IFE Products, the industry leader in the manufacturing and repair of inflight entertainment and lighting equipment.

“Whether our customer has a fleet of commercial aircraft or a single corporate jet, we have the products and expertise to help them maintain, repair or replace outdated equipment using their current systems,” IFE says in the “about” portion of its website. “In fact, we are the only company in the industry that has FAA/PMA and EASA certifications for both our parts and repair services.”

Innovation and quality are key drivers for the company’s extensive line of parts.

IFE’s first line of replacement lamps for inflight projectors launched in 2001 and quickly became known for their high performance and long lasting reliability. From there, the company expanded its product line to include a full line of audio-visual equipment.

Most recently, IFE has launched a new line of LED lighting including lamps, tubes and exterior lights.

“All of our products are individually approved and certified by the FAA,” IFE officials said. “Every part we manufacture is designed to retrofit existing aircraft systems, saving our customers’ money in costly interior redesign.”

And the company is never simply satisfied with the status quo. Research and development is a key part of the company’s success, and customer service is a top priority. Its repair program is certified by both the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency.

The company located at 850 Commerce Parkway in Carpentersville has an international following and clients from all over the world

IFE is also a 2017 winner of the Metro Chicago Export Grant — the third year in a row IFE has sought and won the $5,000 grant presented by JPMorgan Chase & Co., established to help small- and mid-sized businesses grow in international trade. Kane County companies that win the MCE grant are eligible for a matching grant awarded by the county’s Jobs Committee.

With the Aircraft Cabin Lighting Market estimated to reach $2,033 million by 2022 and with technology and in-flight WiFi becoming an expectation on commercial flights, the sky is the limit for IFE in the coming years.

But no matter the sophistication of the equipment, it is the personal touch that makes IFE such a success.

“We are able to accommodate all of our customers’ needs from single repairs to long-term repair contracts,” IFE says. “Customers appreciate our flexibility and the high level of service they have come to rely on from IFE.”

SOURCE: IFE Products website and news releases