Coalition Seeks Best Breastfeeding Workplace in Kane County

Coalition Seeks Best Breastfeeding Workplace in Kane County

Do you know a breastfeeding friendly business, or workplace?

The Kane County Breastfeeding Coalition is looking to recognize places that make it easier for breastfeeding mothers to get back to work, and to continue breastfeeding.

Why is it important to support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace?

Most importantly, it’s the law. According to Illinois law SB 0542, which was put into action in 2001, businesses must provide both a private space for a mother to express milk, and reasonable breaks for her to do so.

Not only is it the law to provide these services, but it has also been shown to have benefits for the company overall. According to the Illinois Bureau of Family Nutrition, businesses that are breastfeeding friendly have workers that show increased productivity, and increased employee satisfaction.

If you know somewhere that fits the description of a “breastfeeding friendly workplace,” share it with the Kane County Breastfeeding Coalition. Fill out this survey to nominate a business that you think is doing a great job supporting breastfeeding.

SOURCE: Kane County Health Department