Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell: Court Case Entry Backlog Is Gone

Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell: Court Case Entry Backlog Is Gone

The introduction of the Odyssey court-case management system was a bit of an odyssey for the Kane County Circuit Clerk’s Office, the Kane County IT Department and the 16th Circuit Court, but the new system is not only up and running but the backlog of entries for new court cases is flat out gone.

The earlier backlog, reported in May, resulted from conversion to the new Odyssey case management system, , Court Circuit Clerk Thomas M. Hartwell reported in a Tuesday (July 18, 2017) news release.

“My staff is now current with court case entry, but still working more than a thousand entries per day,” Hartwell said. “Any future backlogs of concern will not be related to conversion to the new case management system.”

The system went live in December. To make it work as intended, Kane County Circuit Clerk’s Office staff members converted some 44 million documents from the old system, plus whatever new cases developed. At the same time, Hartwell cut 13 people from his staff to stay within budget parameters.

The Kane County Circuit Clerk’s Office and the 16th Judicial Circuit Court process more than 25,000 case files each month. and the Circuit Clerk’s Office handles 6,000 phone inquiries per month from citizens, court officials and attorneys. The Office of Kane County Circuit Clerk is located in the Kane Branch Court building, 540 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, just north of IL Route 38.

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