INC Board Award's $1.47 Million to 17 Local Social-Services Agencies

INC Board Award’s $1.47 Million to 17 Local Social-Services Agencies


The INC BOARD has announced awards and grants for 40 programs provided by 17 agencies totaling $1,469,000. INC received 22 applications from local agencies for funding requests for 46 programs totaling just over $1.7 million.

The INC Board can provide these awards and grants for services to residents in the seven townships in southern Kane County under the INC alliance through the collection of a mental health tax. Each of the seven townships (Aurora, Batavia, Big Rock, Blackberry, Kaneville, Sugar Grove and Virgil) sets their levies and are then combined to maximize planning and funding for the residents for mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services.

INC-funded agencies demonstrate alignment of their programs to INC’s FY18 objectives in their application. The INC Board’s Program Committee then reviews these requests and makes its funding recommendations to the INC Board.

“Local community providers like Mutual Ground in Aurora and Community Crisis Center in Elgin are struggling, despite having laid off staff and cutting back on services available to Kane County residents, said INC Board Executive Director Jerry Murphy. “Local funding, provided by the nine local mental health authorities or 708 Boards, is providing financial support for many agencies and services. These are local funds, under local control, used to address local issues. While local resources can never completely replace the state funding being lost, it can at least help local agencies to survive the immediate crisis.”

Check the INC website after July 1, 2017 to view the list of funded programs.

For more information about this funding opportunity including program guidelines and contacts, visit the following page: Funders’ Consortium Application

About the INC Board

The INC Board is a community mental health funding alliance providing local support to the residents of its service area. Our mission is to support mental, intellectual and developmental health and well-being for residents of the seven townships in INC’s alliance by responsibly using these local resources to fund, plan, coordinate, monitor, advocate, educate and lead collaborative efforts for a local system of care that provides services to any resident with mental health concerns, developmental/intellectual disabilities and/or substance use disorders. To learn more, visit