Exchange Club's Sullivan Is Tri-City Salvation Army's First-Ever Doughnut-Eating Champion

Exchange Club’s Sullivan Is Tri-City Salvation Army’s First-Ever Doughnut-Eating Champion

When it comes to doughnut-eating contests for local charities, there are really two pieces of information everyone wants to know: How much “dough” did the event bring in? and How many doughnuts can a person eat in five minutes?

The answers — in the case of the June 2 Salvation Army Tri-City Corps Joe K. Anderson Community Center’s First Annual Donut Eating Contest — are $4,610.50 (so far) and eight.

That’s right, eight doughnuts in five minutes. And the man who performed such a prodigious feat of mastication was Tim Sullivan of Tri-Cities Exchange Club.

Chided by Master of Ceremonies Ron Onesti of Onesti Entertainment Corporation and Arcada Theatre, and bolstered by an original “Donut Lassie,” 12 contestants gobbled down doughnuts in five minutes in an effort to win the title of “Donut Eating Champion 2017.”

The contestants were community supporters or representatives from local service clubs or businesses.

They included:
  • Clinton Anderson – Colonial Café, grandson of Joe K. Anderson
  • Lt. Betsy Clark – corps officer, The Salvation Army Tri City Corps Joe K. Anderson Community Center
  • Oliver Egan – community volunteer
  • Todd Halm – Olcott Plastics
  • Max Henry – “The Wonder Dog”
  • Cameron Kitick – St. Charles Noon Rotary Club
  • Ken Madden – executive director, The Salvation Army Golden Diners
  • Megan Mkrtschjan – community volunteer
  • Jay Payleitner – nationally-known speaker and author
  • Tim Sullivan – Tri-Cities Exchange Club
  • Pete Sutton – youth pastor, Christ Community Church
  • Justin Tracey – community volunteer

In addition to being crowned doughtnut-eating champion, Sullivan took the People’s Choice Award for most money raised through online giving: $583.50. The “Nothing But Dough Award,” was presented to Todd Halm for collecting the most donations on the day of event: $500.

Lt. Betsy Clark, corps officer for The Salvation Army Tri-City Corps Joe K. Anderson Community Center, said the event couldn’t happen without help.

“We are grateful to Blue Goose Market for their sponsorship of this event, and for each contestant’s willingness to raise funds and eat doughnuts in support of our local programs,” she said. “Congratulations to our three winners, and we look forward to the second annual doughnut eating contest next year!”

The money raised from the event benefits programs and services for individuals and families that include: community center activities such as an after-school program, summer day camp, community exercise classes, character building programs and youth nights, and emergency assistance with rent, utility and food.

Health and education programs are also available for seniors that include exercise, blood/heart screenings and more.

National Donut Day was launched in 1938 by The Salvation Army in Chicago in part to raise funds for, and awareness of, the organization’s work in the community, especially during The Great Depression, but the spirit behind the day was the recognition of women’s contributions to the war effort.

People are still invited to give online to help The Salvation Army meet its goal of $5,000 for the event. Donors should visit the “eat doughnuts” site to contribute online, or send donations via mail to The Salvation Army, 1710 S. 7th Ave, St. Charles IL 60174.

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