See a Spectacular 'Balloon Launch For Hope' Thursday in Geneva

See a Spectacular ‘Balloon Launch For Hope’ Thursday in Geneva

A colorful balloon launch Thursday in downtown Geneva will celebrate the strength of victims and survivors of child abuse.

The Kane County Child Advocacy Center hosts the launch at 3 p.m. Thursday (April 20, 2017) at the center’s home office at 427 W. Campbell St.

Child abuse is a crime that often gets little attention or is kept quiet out of respect for the children who are victims of sexual or physical predators. The celebration on Thursday serves as a reminder of the courage of the survivors and to remind people that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

To learn more about the KCAC, visit the Friends of KCAC website. Scroll down to learn more about the organization and its success stories.

About the Kane County Child Advocacy Center 

In 2009, Kane County had the fifth highest level of child sexual and physical abuse reports in Illinois. Surprised? Don’t be. Abuse is one of those crimes that, in the interest of the children, is kept quite. Fortunately, the strong legal system and the work of the Child Advocacy Center, Kane has a strong track record of ensuring that justice is served.

But, while the system ends with justice, the child’s journey, and that of their family, is just beginning. Rebuilding the lives requires support that starts at the report and continues well beyond the court’s verdict. Unfortunately, most families cannot afford the services that will give them the best chance of recovery and successful integration back into the community.

  • That’s where Friends of the KCAC (Kane Child Advocacy Center) comes in. KCAC helps families rebuild their lives through our programs, such as
  • Specialized counseling programs;
  • Support groups for victim’s families;
  • Adopt-A-Family programs (assist families with food, clothing, etc)
  • Medical equipment purchase (reduce invasiveness of investigative procedures);
  • And many others.

KCAC is always looking for volunteers and donations to help kids and their families rebuild their lives after this tragedy.

KCAC Success Stories



Abby is an 11 year-old girl who was sexually and physically abused by a family member. Initially, Abby was very fearful about the perpetrator returning to harm her because she disclosed the ongoing abuse. She suffered from sleeplessness, nightmares, fear of leaving her family, and difficulty in social functioning at school. She also expressed lots of self-blame for the abuse.

How Friends of the KCAC Helped

After disclosing the sexual abuse, she began seeing a therapist through the Friends of the KCAC program. At first, Abby was apprehensive about talking to the therapist, but within a few sessions she began to open up. She responded well to treatment and showed dramatic improvement. With counseling in a supportive and nutruring environment, she has been able to deal with the trauma of sexual and physical abuse.



Ben is a male teenager who was raped by a stranger.  The offender was apprehended and criminally charged for the crime. Ben had frequent nightmares, intrusive thoughts about the rape itself, and feelings of isolation and overwhelming fear.  He was terrified of encountering the offender in court and was frightened for his safety during and after the trial.

How Friends of the KCAC Helped

Ben began therapy through Friends of the KCAC program to help him with the trauma of the sexual assault and the stresses of the criminal trial. The Friends therapist worked with Ben to help him deal with his fears and distrust.  Although the process was lengthy and difficult, with therapy Ben, was able to cope with the trauma of the sexual assault.



Jill is 8 years old who was attacked by a man who broke into her family home in the early morning hours.  Police immediately apprehended the man due to this brave little girl’s description.  Soon after the attack, she started experiencing flashbacks and her sensory memory of the attack was so profound that she often said, “I just feel icky, I feel icky.”

How Friends of the KCAC Helped

The counselling she is receiving through the Friends of the KCAC program is helpig her make great strides towards recovery.  Her fears are subsiding and the flashbacks are more infrequent.  She longs to be “just 8 years old again.”