Made in Kane: Want to Go Wired or Wireless? AIR802 of Aurora Delivers

Made in Kane: Want to Go Wired or Wireless? AIR802 of Aurora Delivers

You’re heard of “Air Jordan” and coming up with something “out of thin air” and taking a “breath of fresh air.” Sometimes we “put on airs,” and sometimes we lift two fingers on each hand and emphasize these idioms in “air quotes.”

In Kane County, there is also a “rarefied air” of companies with a truly global impact. To find one of those companies, look no farther than the AIR802 offices at 2570 Beverly Drive, Aurora.

AIR802 Logo

AIR802 manufactures high-quality equipment for the wired and wireless industries. When you experience that lightning-speed Internet connection, either through a cable or wireless system, there’s a chance that AIR802 has touched your life and helped make your work more effective or your entertainment choices more enjoyable.

AIR802 is an industry leader with customers almost everywhere on the planet.

“We hope to do our part in generating ubiquitous broadband availability in every global village,” said co-founder and CTO Michael Bryant. “Honesty and a high standard of ethics is part of our core principals.”

Under the category of wireless products, AIR802 has designed and manufactured antenna cable assemblies, jumpers and pigtails and business-grade wireless access points, aka routers, which are used throughout the world. AIR802 manufactures antennas in various frequencies, along with a line of precision coaxial connectors.

AIR802 cables are another major product line with both coaxial and Ethernet wired cable products in production. Another area of special focus is in power-over-Ethernet or PoE products. AIR802 provides custom manufacturing.

“Our customer service is the best in the industry, and we require no minimum purchase,” Bryant said. “A portion of our sales are placed back into our research and development budget to insure new product development. New products are continuously added to our product portfolio so we encourage frequent visits to our website.”

AIR802 was a 2015 recipient of the MCE Export Grant and received Kane County matching funds to improve its export program. It is truly an international company, with corporate offices in Aurora and large sales and distribution centers in Santiago, Chile, and in Hong Kong.

While the business focuses on clients from North, Central and South America, it now also reaches into Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Its clientele includes computer networking and reseller organizations, telephone companies, cable TV (MSO) operators, wireless Internet service providers, municipalities, corporations and government agencies, including the military.

What are some of those AIR802 products “Made in Kane”?

How about the Mobile Magnetic NMO Antenna Mount — FERRITE BASIC MAG ™ and NEO POWER MAG ™, touted as “a revolutionary change” from the standard industry made in-China products.

“Our very high quality 3-inch diameter mounts are custom built each day in the USA with a choice among six definable input options,” AIR802 website says. “Included is a quality nickel plated brass dust-rain cap to cover the connector when not in use and a rubber protective boot over the bottom of the mount.”

Or maybe you’re interested in a DC – DC Converter + PoE Injector 12 VDC In and 24VDC PoE Out (Din Rail Mount), which is used to support current and future high-powered applications such as wireless access points, surveillance cameras, IP telephones, transportation (think automobiles, truck fleets, buses and trains, ships and yachts) and more.

If some of this stuff is a little over your head, no worries.

“While our products are known for quality, we also place strong emphasis on providing detailed specifications and useful information for our customers, providing good pre- and post-technical support and in maintaining excellent relationships with our valued customers,” Brant said. “We custom design and manufacture many products for specific customers. These products will not appear on our website if they are built exclusively for a customer.

“If you have a need for a product not found on our website, we welcome your communication.”

AIR802 is a relatively young company, branching off from a sister company in April 2005 to manufacture a broader range of both wired and wireless related networking equipment. As with any technology company, AIR802 is evolving virtually every day, coming up with new products and meeting the changing needs of consumers.

“We are active participants in a number of wireless industry forums, including participation in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standards committees, Bicsi and other organizations,” Bryant said.

“We are at the forefront of technology.”

AIR802’s Mission Statement

Listen to customer needs, create quality products that provide solutions, maintain integrity, and build partnerships that provide value for everyone.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all antennas offered by various vendors of equivalent quality?

No. AIR802 has professionally tested many leading and well-known brand name antennas and has discovered that many perform well below the advertised specifications. AIR802 guarantees that our products perform as specified or better.

  • Does AIR802 offer large quantity discounts?

Yes. AIR802 web store pricing is already reflects extreme value pricing. However, we will look at all large quantities or entire solutions and price them at the most attractive price that we can offer.

  • If we have interest in a product not displayed in your web site would AIR802 consider offering the product?

Yes. AIR802 will be constantly adding new products to our portfolio. If you have a product request we will certainly take a look at adding it to our product portfolio. Contact us and let us know which product you would like to see.

  • If we have a product that we would like manufactured, would AIR802 design or provide custom product manufacturing?

Yes. AIR802 manufactures custom product requests for many of our customers in the Americas. Please feel free to submit your request. Also, custom products will not appear on our website if created exclusively for a particular customer.

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