Geneva Woman Pleads Guilty to 2015 Valentine's Day Mass-Murder Plot in Nova Scotia

Geneva Woman Pleads Guilty to 2015 Valentine’s Day Mass-Murder Plot in Nova Scotia

According to CBS News and other sources, a Geneva, IL, woman has pleaded guilty to a mass-murder plot that was supposed to take place on Valentine’s Day 2015 at a food court mall in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath of Geneva, IL, was one of three people involved in the plan to shoot shoppers at the Halifax Shopping Centre in Nova Scotia, according to media reports and documents from the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

The plea arrangement took place on Tuesday (April 11, 2017), according to reports.

Geneva High School Yearbook screenshot of Lindsay Souvannarath.

Souvannarath, 25, was part of a trio who had plotted the attack. Randall Steven Shepherd of Halifax entered a guilty plea last year to conspiracy to commit murder; James Gamble, a 19-year-old friend of Shepherd’s, who had planned to attack the mall, was found dead in his home by authorities investigating the incident in 2015.

The statement of fact for Shepherd said Gamble began an online relationship with Souvannarath in December 2014.

“Ms. Souvannarath had a pre-existing interest in school shootings and Nazism,” the document states. “The two quickly bonded over their shared interest in Columbine and other mass-shootings.”

Gamble asked Souvannarath whether she would be interested in participating in a mass shooting, and she agreed.

“They planned their attack in great detail throughout January and early February of 2015,” the document says.

The plan called for Souvannarath to travel by air to Halifax to meet with Gamble on Feb. 13, 2015. Gamble planned to shoot both of his parents before she arrived, the document said.

Souvannarath and Gamble planned to carry out the attack the following day at the Halifax Shopping Centre.

“This location was selected after consideration of other locations, including the new Halifax Central Library,” the report says. “The mall was chosen because it would result in ‘mass panic.’ The shooting was to begin within the food court, an area they believed would provide them the best cover.”

Gamble obtained his father’s firearms: a lever-action hunting rifle and a single-action 16-guage shotgun, which the pair planned to use. Links to Youtube videos were shared which depicted how to discharge these particular weapons.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gamble and Souvannarath had planned to video the shooting, and Souvannarath prepared a “queued post” on the social media site Tumblr, scheduled to go live Feb. 15 boasting about a “mass shooting in Halifax”. The pair nicknamed their plan “Der Untergang” (The Downfall). The massacre was to end with their own suicides.

The plan was foiled by a Crime Stoppers tip, according to reports.

In 2015, Geneva police assisted in the investigation, executing a search warrant at Souvannarath’s home and removing “multiple items.”

Geneva High School’s 2008-09 yearbook shows images of Souvannarath in the Roll Play Gaming club. She was also an understudy in Rimers of Eldritch, the fall class play. She is referenced in the 2010 yearbook, but there is no senior picture of her.

SOURCE: Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and media reports