9 Kane County School Districts Urge State to Pass Budget

9 Kane County School Districts Urge State to Pass Budget

All nine Kane County School Districts have indicated support of a grassroots initiative calling on the Illinois General Assembly and Gov. Bruce Rauner to immediately pass a state budget.

On Monday (April 24, 2017), School District U-46 CEO Tony Sanders and more than 390 school chiefs sent a news release announcing their support of an initiative called “Pass Illinois’ Budget!,” which urges lawmakers and the governor to improve the state’s education funding formula and pay school districts millions of dollars owed in unpaid bills this year.

Since then, other school districts have joined by making statements on school websites and social media or adding their names to an interactive map that lists the school districts that support the initiative.

A quick search of each Kane County school district website or Facebook page shows that each district except St. Charles School District 303 has posted information in support of the “Pass Illinois’ Budget” initiative. District 303 is listed as a supporter on the Pass Illinois’ Budget map.

Here are links to some of the statements of support:

Local School District Statement Excerpts

In most cases, the website or Facebook statements are boilerplates of the news release that went out Monday. Some have added information pertaining to the local district, quotes by school officials and/or contact information for local legislators.

Here are a few excerpts from Kane County public school districts:

Batavia School District 101

“BPS101 Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hichens joins more than 390 school chiefs from across the state, representing 1.3 million students, in calling for the Illinois General Assembly to immediately pass a state budget.”

Kaneland School District 302

“Kaneland District 302 is owed more than $3 million from the State of Illinois. We will stand with the other districts from across the state in a call for action. The impasse must end now so that we may move forward with a budget that will serve the two million K-12 Illinois public school students who represent our future.”

School District 300

“As of April 24, 2017 we have operated more than 22 months without a full state budget. The country’s fifth-largest state has been operating with continuing appropriations and court-ordered spending, while the pile of unpaid bills grows to nearly $13 billion. The state has approved a partial budget for education and stopgap or band-aid measures for most everything else. This has meant frozen and reduced budgets at local government entities, community organizations, and education agencies that aim to support our families and all sectors of society. Without a budget we all suffer.

“Illinois owes District 300 $17.4 million dollars. The time to #PassILBudget is now.”

West Aurora School District 129

“The state now owes West Aurora School District 129 about $10 million and has been operating without a full budget for the past 22 months.”

“ ‘I stand with more than 390 superintendents from across the state in a call for action,’ said Craig. ‘We need to end the impasse now and move forward with a budget that will serve the two million K-12 Illinois public school students who represent our future.’ ”

School District U-46

“As legislators return to Springfield following spring break, school districts are using school marquees to share their frustration with the state budget crisis and taking to social media with a call to #PassILBudget. The state now owes School District U-46 more than $25 million, and has been operating without a full budget for the past 22 months.”

Additional Links

Original Signatories

The original letter, emailed Monday, was signed by more than 390 school superintendents, including:

Dr. Gwynne Kell, Winfield School District 34 (320)
Dr. Dawn Green, Palos Heights 128 (736)
Mr. Doug Daugherty, Lawrence County CUSD 20 (1,231)
Dr. Matthew W. Swick, Wilmington School District 209U (1,438)
Mr. David Larkin, Woodlawn Unit School District 209 (529)
Dr. Bill Link, Pekin Public School District 108 (3,752)
Ms. Victoria Tabbert, Queen Bee District 16 (1,926)
Mr. Mike Matteson, Wallace CCSD 195 (325)
Mr. Mike Matteson, Rutland CCSD 230 (68)
Dr. Craig Fiegel, Mascoutah CUSD 19 (3,800)
Mrs. Lea Damisch, Marengo Union Elementary CSD 165 (1,036)
Dr. Kate Sievers, Calhoun CUSD 40 (434)
Mr. Scott Petrie, Mercer County School District 404 (1,350)
Dr. Henry Thiele, CHSD 99 (4,956)
Dr. Kevin J. O’Mara, Argo Community High School (1,816)
Dr. Gary Kelly, DuQuoin CUSD 300 (1,421)
Deborah Philpot, St. Elmo CUSD 202 (464)
Dr. Tami Kampwerth, Aviston SD 21 (387)
Jodi Moore, Leland CUSD 1 (267)
Dr. Henrietta Young, Brooklyn Unit School District 188 (148)
Mr. Robert Bardwell, Eureka CUSD 140 (1,550)
Mr. Alan Boucher, Sherrard CUSD 200 (1,460)
Dr. Kaine Osburn, Lake Zurich CUSD 95 (5,685)
Mr. Kevin Meyer, Central Community High School 71 (579)
Mr. Brian Dukes, Pontiac CCSD 429 (1,284)
Mr. Todd Hamm, Mt. Pulaski CUSD 23 (545)
Mr. Todd Bean, Rooks Creek CCSD 425 (52)
Monty Aldrich, North Clay CUSD 25 (645)
Russell A. Ragon, Manhattan SD 114 (1,434)
Dr. Crystal Johnson, Rossville-Alvin CUSD 7 (420)
Mr. John Thomas, Pembroke School District 259 (256)
Dr. Lan Eberle, Bartonville Grade School District 66 (272)
Mr. Erik Estill, Rome CCSD 2 (371)
Mr. Tim Smith, Princeton Elementary 115 (1,163)
Dr. Charles Johns, West Chicago Elementary District 33 (4,571)
Dr. Tom Bertrand, Rochester CUSD 3A (2,322)
Richard J. Craven, Rochelle Township High School District 212 (972)
Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones, Dolton SD 149 (2,811)
Chris Rademacher, Polo CUSD 222 (581)
Mr. Joe Tieman, Gillespie CUSD 7 (1,322)
Dr. Gina Segobiano, Columbia CUSD 4 (2,013)
Mr. David Powell, Hillsboro CUSD 3 (1,792)
Mrs. Lee Ann Meinhold, Hollis Consolidated School District 328 (162)
Dr. John Palan, Grant Park CUSD 6 (516)
Scott Bloomquist, Winnebago CUSD 323 (1,430)
Dr. John Asplund, Farmington Central CUSD 265 (1,432)
Dr. Travis L. McGuire, Hinckley-Big Rock CUSD 429 (701)
Dr. Kristopher Monn, Minooka CCSD 201 (4,667)
Mr. K. Bradley Cox, Erie CUSD 1 (665)
Dr. Michael Miller, Henry-Senachwine CUSD 5 (596)
Mr. Tim Thill, Pearl City CUSD 200 (467)
Mr. Kevin Ross, Marshall CUSD 2C (1,421)
Mrs. Tonya Evans, Central Community Unit SD 4 (1,128)
Dr. Prentiss Lea, Community High School District 128 (3,400)
Mr. Keith Hagene, Pinckneyville Community High School 101 (456)
Dr. Scott Laird, Athens CUSD 213 (1,110)
Mr. Kent Stauder, Okaw Valley CUSD 302 (513)
Dr. John Ahlemeyer, Gavin SD 37 (871)
Mr. Robert Bowser, Allendale CCSD 17 (138)
Mr. Brad E. Morris, North Wamac Grade School District 186 (157)
Mr. Brad Lee, Carmi-White County CUSD 5 (1,397)
Mr. Mark Miller, Opdyke Belle Rive 5 (186)
Ms. Diana Zurliene, Fairfield PSD 112 (723)
Mr. Ryan McGuckin, Woodland CUSD 5 (512)
Mr. Richard Towers, Christopher CUSD 99 (805)
Ms. Helen Boehrnsen, St. George CCSD 258 (461)
Mr. Mark Heuring, Damiansville Elementary SD 62 (114)
Mr. Seth Mingus, South Pekin Grade School District 137 (228)
Mr. Nathanial L. Wilson, DeSoto Cons. SD 86 (239)
Dr. Rohn Peterson, Roanoke-Benson CUSD 60 (575)
Mr. Matt Klosterman, Belleville Public School District 118 (3,890)
Mrs. Jill Rogers, Martinsville CUSD C-3 (414)
Dr. Chuck Nagel, East Peoria Community HSD 309 (1,050)
Dr. Jennifer Kelsall, Ridgewood High School District 234 (856)
Dr. Julie Morris, Harlem Consolidated School District 122 (6,743)
Dr. Scott Helton, DuPage HSD 88 (4,075)
Dr. Debbie Ehlenburg, Alden-Hebron School District 19 (441)
Dr. Sandra Thomas, Country Club Hills SD 160 (1,300)
Mr. Patrick Murphy, Mt. Olive CUSD 5 (494)
Dr. Michael Riordan, Oak Lawn CHSD 229 (1,750)
Dr. Kent Mutchler, Geneva CUSD 304 (5,839)
Dr. Scott Tingley, Lincoln-Way High Community HS District 210 (6,975)
Mr. Jon Kilgore, Pontiac Township HSD 90 (724)
Mr. Bob Gold, Big Hollow School District 38 (1,790)
Mr. Eric Misener, Seneca Grade School 170 (490)
Dr. James Stelter, Bensenville SD2 (2,250)
Joe Sornberger, ROWVA CUSD 208 (647)
Mr. Greg Herbst, Galena USD 120 (834)
Dr. Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, Diamond Lake SD 76 (1,049)
Dr. Patrick M. Twomey, Macomb CUSD 185 (2,150)
Dr. Rodolfo Hernandez, Cicero SD 99 (12,470)
Dr. David Larson, Glenbard Township HSD 87 (8,173)
Dr. Phil Ehrhardt, Benjamin School District 25 (636)
Dr. Joseph J. Majchrowicz, Burnham School District 154.5 (218)
Mrs. Ellen L. Correll, Grayslake CCSD 46 (3,855)
Dr. Edward J. Stange, Sunset Ridge SD 29 (477)
Mrs. Vicki Phillips, Brown County CUSD 1 (763)
Dr. Linda Dvorak, Iroquois West CUSD 10 (993)
Bobbi Williams, Decatur Public Schools 61 (9,106)
Mr. Jeff Mitchell, Wayne City Unit 100 (515)
Mr. Shawn Teske, Warren CUSD 205 (404)
Mr. Randy Otto, DePue SD 103 (441)
Dr. Kyle Schumacher, La Grange School District 102 (3,113)
Mr. Tim Farquer, Williamsfield CUSD 210 (290)
Dr. John Hutton, Gurnee District 56 (2,141)
Dr. Pamela Kibbons, Taft School District 90 (325)
Dr. Gayle Wahlin, Fenton High School District 100 (1,478)
Dr. John Kosirog, Niles ESD 71 (583)
Dr. Theresa Hill, South Holland SD 151 (1,564)
Dr. Maura Zinni, Frankfort CCSD 157C (2,507)
Dr. Heidi Wennstrom, Butler SD 53 (528)
Dr. Steve Webb, Goreville CUSD 1 (620)
Dr. Scott Wakeley, Bradley-Bourbonnais Community HSD 307 (2,100)
Dr. John Corbett, Wood Dale District 7 (1,143)
Dr. James Hammack, Byron CUSD 226 (1,482)
Dr. William G. Caron, Scales Mound CUSD 211 (232)
Mr. Edwin Shoemate, Cobden CUSD 17 (553)
Dr. Andy Henrikson, Mundelein Elementary SD 75 (1,662)
Mr. Adam Ehrman, New Berlin CUSD 16 (940)
Dr. Mark McDonald and Dr. Marion Hoyda, Aurora East SD 131 (14,659)

Other Supporters:
Tony Reeley, Executive Director of Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education
Michelle Mueller, Superintendent, Regional Office of Education (ROE) 40
Julie Wollerman, Regional Superintendent, ROE 3
Marchelle Kassebaum, Assistant Superintendent, ROE 3
Eric Brackmann, Director, Ford County Special Ed Coop
Kathy Horath, Director, Macon-Piatt Special Education District
Jim Nelson, Executive Director, North DuPage Special Education Cooperative
Tony Reeley, Executive Director, Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education
Brenda Patrick, Director of Mid-State Special Education
Ron Daniels, Regional Superintendent of Schools, ROE 13
Dennis Litteken, Mater Dei Catholic High School, Breese
Dr. Kyle Thompson, Assistant Regional Superintendent, ROE 11
Marcia Stinde, Principal, St. Theresa of Avila School, Salem

SOURCE: U-47 news release, Kane County school district websites and Facebook pages