St. Charles' New Red Gate Water Tower Wins 'Elevated Tank of the Year'

St. Charles’ New Red Gate Water Tower Wins ‘Elevated Tank of the Year’

St. Charles’ new 1.5-million-gallon Red Gate Water Tower at IL Route 25 and Red Gate Road that was completed in October 2016 has been named “Elevated Tank of the Year” for 2016 by the Steel Plate Institute/Steel Plate Fabricator Association.

With help from their consulting engineer, the City selected all-welded steel construction over other materials for its winter weather durability and enhanced aesthetics.

According to the Steel Plate Institute Website, the tank “promotes and demonstrates the flexibility and aesthetics of steel designed structures that other materials just can’t deliver, and provides a tank the community certainly is proud of.”

The tank design, with nearly 1.5-inch thick steel, has to support 12,495,000 pounds of water when full.

The Water Tower is an important addition to St. Charles infrastructure as it provides additional water storage to allow for fire protection demands during peak water usage periods. It also is the only water tower on the east side of the river, so it balances out the water distribution system.

For more information about the new tank or Steel Plate Institute/Steel Plate Fabricator Association, visit their website