U of I Extension: Protect Your Valentine’s Heart With Dark Chocolate

U of I Extension: Protect Your Valentine’s Heart With Dark Chocolate

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are a classic pairing, but chocolate also has other positive connections to the heart.

Dietary flavonoids contained in dark chocolate may reduce blood pressure when eaten in moderation. In addition, dark chocolate has shown positive effects on the biochemistry of cholesterol and iron in the blood.

“Dark chocolate’s health benefits are due to its high concentration of cocoa-containing antioxidants,” said Laura Barr, nutrition and wellness educator for University of Illinois Extension. “Some findings show that the dairy component in milk chocolate may interfere with the absorption of these antioxidants. So, stick to the dark for the heart!”

While it makes a great choice for a special celebration, like Valentine’s Day, Barr recommends enjoying dark chocolate as a “sometimes food,” like any treat.

“If you’re looking for a non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift, consider a fun activity, like a brisk walk or ice-skating, that gets you moving while still having time together,” said Barr. “Regular exercise is needed for a strong heart, healthy body and a good mood. A healthy diet and exercise are the power twins that will improve your life when practiced consistently. What better gift is there?”

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SOURCE: Kane County Cooperative Extension news release