2016 Top Stories Countdown — No. 9: Free Wood Chips!

2016 Top Stories Countdown — No. 9: Free Wood Chips!

  • Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series counting down the top 10 Kane County Connects stories of 2016.

These are the actual wood chips given away last April by the Forest Preserve District of Kane County. (CREDIT: Forest Preserve District of Kane County)

No. 9: FREE Wood Chips at 2 Kane County Forest Preserve Sites!

One of the things we enjoy about Kane County Connects is letting you know when there are cool, vital or even FREE government services out there waiting for you to enjoy.

In this case, the Forest Preserve District of Kane County had free wood chips. Just giving them away. And when we posted the article, wow, did you respond.

There was almost a run on the bank for these free wood chips, available at two Kane County Forest Preserve locations.

Part of the excitement might have been generated the stock image that initially ran with the article. We’re talking three rounded piles, in three captivating colors — perfect, immaculate wood chips that looked so dang good you’d want them to replace the shag carpet in your living room.

Thanks to the good folks at the Kane County Forest Preserve District, we replaced the stock image with the real-life photo of the actual wood chips being given away — which, for the record, were from good-quality hardwood and were pretty dang nice wood chips.

While my unintended marketing magic (read faux pas) might might have contributed to this April article’s 5,337 page views, I think the fundamental truth is that local government was providing residents with a service (in this case a commodity) that they really wanted.

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2016 Top Stories Countdown


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