'America’s Premier Flag Manufacturer' Is Kane County's 2016 Manufacturer of the Year

‘America’s Premier Flag Manufacturer’ Is Kane County’s 2016 Manufacturer of the Year

FlagSource of Batavia, the family-owned company billed as “America’s premier flag manufacturer,” is Kane County’s 2016  Manufacturer of the Year.

FlagSource and runner-up D & M Plastics of Burlington were formally presented with the 2016 awards Friday (Oct. 14, 2016) at Kane County Board Jobs Committee meeting by committee co-chairs Rebecca Gillam and Theresa Barreiro. Both companies had been recognized Oct. 6 at the 2016 Manufacturing Champions Awards, an event hosted by the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing.

The two companies were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the community, to the local economy and jobs market.

Gillam noted that the two companies were both privately owned, with a long history of service and a strong core of women leaders. Flagstone President Janice Christiansen and D&M Plastic’s Materials Manager Mary Lake were both on hand to accept the awards Friday.

“What impresses me is that so many strong women are taking a leadership role,” Gillam said. “When I started working 20 years ago, you never would have seen this. It’s apparent how women have stepped up and become a force in Kane County.”

About FlagSource – 2016 Manufacturer of the Year


FlagSource, located at 951 Swanson Drive in Batavia, has grown to become a world-class provider of custom printed and manufactured material products. With the introduction of their trademarked WaveBanner® and its adjustable pole it gives their customers a wide range of implementation options, and it continues to be a leader in the marketplace for durability and reliability.

christiansen-family-aboutFlagSource also produces a wide variety of custom products that includes custom corporate brand image pieces as well as corporate event products. A new addition to the line is the inclusion of digital four color process vinyl banners.

FlagSource President Janice Christiansen said the company is almost 95 years old, and she has led the FlagSource team since 1990.

“Our company has always operated with a commitment to quality, growth, and integrity,” she said. “I hope that never changes. I am proud of our past and look forward to our future.

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-11-17-am“For all of us, many things have changed. Since 1920 the one constant we have had is the American flag. We manufacture it … we fly it … we respect it. It is our symbol of hope in this ever changing, unpredictable world.”

When Christiansen assumed duties as president of FlagSource, she was a widow with two young sons. She is now a grandmother, “with three perfect grandsons.” Her sons, Jon and Spencer, are partners in the FlagSource team.

“Our goal is to give you the best product and the best service possible and to deliver peace of mind for all your flag and banner needs,” Christiansen  said

Learn more be visiting the FlagSource website.

About D & M Plastics, LLC


As an industry leader in custom injection molding for over 40 years, D & M Plastics takes pride in its reputation of “delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.”

Located at 150 French Road in Burlington, D & M Plastics was the first injection molder in North America to become ISO certified in 1993. Its 56,000-square foot plant is built for quality and efficiency.

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-36-52-amMost companies of D&M’s size have an external defect rate of 1038 PPM*. Among the best companies, the rate is 179 PPM. D&M’s external defect rate is an astoundingly low 17 PPM. D&M has been awarded GM Platinum Supplier Status for three consecutive years.

“That’s no fluke – quality is our highest priority,” D&M says on its website.

D&M is also a great place to work. Company leaders are proud of a stellar safety record that includes 636 consecutive days without a lost-time accident.

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-06-46-amD&M Plastics is the largest taxpayer in the Burlington Township and Community School District 301. The company is a frequent contributor to local charities such as the Lions Club, local schools, the Fire District, food pantry and Park District and is one of the sponsors of the the Burlington Independence Day celebration. D&M is a participates in the Burlington Business Council and works closely with Elgin Community College to grow ECC’s presence in their area based on the new Training Center.

Learn more at the D&M Plastics website.

SOURCES: D&M Plastics, FlagSource and Kane County Development and Community Services Department