How to Report Food Safety, Property Maintenance and Smoking Violations Online

How to Report Food Safety, Property Maintenance and Smoking Violations Online

The Kane County Health Department receives and responds to complaints for violations of state smoking laws, food-safety regulations and, in some parts of Kane County, property maintenance.

The good news is that filing a complaint is easy and can be done online on the Health Department’s website.

Here’s a little closer look at those three categories of complaints, as well as the resources and forms you can find online.

Violations of the Smoke-Free Illinois Act

no-smokingsm complaints Health DepartmentThe Smoke Free Illinois Act  is a comprehensive anti-smoking law that took effect in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2008. The act bans smoking in most buildings and vehicles used by the general public, as a place of employment, or owned by the government of other public body.

The purpose of the act is to protect residents, workers, and visitors from the harmful and hazardous effects of secondhand smoke. Inhaling secondhand smoke causes lung cancer and coronary heart disease in healthy nonsmoking adults. It also increases the risk of serious respiratory problems in children.

The Smoke Free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in a public place or in any place of employment or within 15 feet of any entrance to a public place or place of employment. The SFIA prohibits smoking in any vehicle owned, leased, or operated by the State or political subdivision of the State.

Property Maintenance/Nuisance Complaints

Unmowed lawn in front of a foreclosed Cape Cod style house in Suburban Maryland

Kane County accepts complaints about Property Maintenance/Nuisance for a property located in UNINCORPORATED Kane County relating to open-burning, weeds and pest control.

If your nuisance complaint is for a property within a city or village located in Kane County, each municipality has its own ordinances, reporting methods and inspectors. You can CLICK HERE for a list of Kane County cities and villages where you can direct your complaint.

Complaints can be made by calling the complaint hotline at 630-762-2770 or through the Kane County Health Department’s online form. Please include detailed location of complaint, type of complaint and location on property. Complaints made after hours or on weekends will be responded to the next business day.

Open burning complaints during normal business hours should be called into 630-444-3040. For burning complaints outside of normal business hours, please contact the Kane County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 630-232-8400.

Obvioiusly, if you are reporting a fire that is a life threatening or is a fire safety issue, CALL 911.

Restaurant, Food Service or Food Store Complaints

Eggs Can Carry Salmonella Food Safety Concept Concept with Brown Egg and Yellow Note.The Kane County Health Department responds to complaints regarding health conditions at Kane County restaurants, food services and food stores. The Kane County Health Department is responsible for protecting the public from unhealthful or unsanitary environmental conditions by establishing and enforcing health codes and regulations.

For more information, visit this link for food service information and this link for the Health Department’s food safety page.

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SOURCE: Kane County Health Department website