9-1-1, Fox River Fire EMTs' Quick Action Saves 6-Year-Old From Drowning

9-1-1, Fox River Fire EMTs’ Quick Action Saves 6-Year-Old From Drowning

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You might not have heard of either incident, but two lives were saved this summer, thanks to the quick action of KaneComm 9-1-1 telecommunicators and emergency personnel from the Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District.

The Rescue District recognized Kane County Emergency Communications Telecommunicator Teresa Gonzalez and Supervisor Bill Linder at their monthly board meeting on Monday, Aug. 22, 2016. Telecommunicators, EMTs and the flight crew were recognized for their life-saving roles in incidents involving a drowning 6-year-old boy and a Waste Management worker who had been electrocuted while working near fallen power lines.

Gonzalez was the call taker and fire dispatcher on May 29, when she received a call about a 6-year-old boy who had just been pulled from a swimming pool. He was not breathing, and it was unknown how long he had been underwater.

The Fire Department was dispatched, and Gonzalez performed what 9-1-1 operators call an Emergency Medical Dispatch. While the Fire Department was en route, the boy started breathing.

“Thanks to all the first responders, the boy does not have any long-term effects from the incident,” KaneComm Deputy Director Michelle Guthrie said Thursday via email.

Fox River Fire BGonzalez was also the call taker on a June 13 incident, when a caller reported that a man had just been electrocuted and had fallen from the top of a Waste Management truck.

Gonzalez dispatched Fox River Fire and performed the EMD, while Linder handled the police dispatch, then took over fire dispatch.

Fox River’s crew arrived quickly and found the Waste Management truck still energized from the power lines and against a pole.

The worker had third-degree burns from electrocution and a severe head injury from a fall from the truck. He was taken to an area hospital by helicopter.

“It didn’t look promising,” Guthrie said. “The timing on this incident was key. The swift actions of Telecommunicator Gonzalez, Supervisor Linder, Fox River Fire and the flight crew saved the man’s life.”

Guthrie said the Waste Management employee is responding well to treatment and is in rehabilitation.

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About KaneComm

kanecomm 911 A SMALLKane County Emergency Communications (KaneComm) is a multi-jurisdictional dispatch center responsible for the deployment of several police, fire, and medical agencies located within Kane County. KaneComm personnel are tasked with all of the incoming emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance from citizens residing in these jurisdictions. Subscribers to KaneComm include the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, police departments from Wayne, Gilberts, Hampshire, Maple Park, Pingree Grove, Campton Hills, Fox Valley Park District, Kane County Forest Preserve District and South Elgin, and the fire districts of Burlington, Hampshire, Maple Park, Pingree Grove, Fox River, Big Rock and Kaneville. For more information, visit the KaneComm web page.

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